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Has Beens And Soon To Comes

Where Are You, Skitty?

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I've been hunting for one for months now. Hasn't swarmed in Platinum yet, I don't have enough points in the Dream World yet (and it just went down yesterday anyway) and GTS hasn't worked out. I'm actually at the point where I'm going to dig up my copy of Pokémon Sapphire and catch it in that version.

Although I did reach the conclusion that going through Sapphire and Ruby would be a way to pass the time as well as fill up my Pokédex in White.

Anyone else do that, dig up the old versions (Gen. I-III) and go through them again after a long, long time?

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  1. Steelrush's Avatar
    You want me to trade you a Skitty?
  2. Analytic Magnezone's Avatar
    I have a skitty, but to my knowledge you never asked.
  3. Raichuu's Avatar
    I have a Skitty and dont need it so i'll give you it for free!!!


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