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Why must the world be so hard?

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Well I finally finished my tests! All 105 of them! I totally cheated on some but I'm not ashamed at all, my deadline was June and I wouldn't have made it if I played fair. I am going to study the material properly later of course, I need to know this stuff after all. But right now I'm just basking in the glory of know all my tests are done!

But now that thats all taken care of I got other things to worry about, learning to drive, finding a job, college. Theres also the question of what to do first, because on the one hand I need money before college but on the other I might lose some benefits I get if I start working. Its all very confusing

To add to the drama my parents insurance company just dropped us because my bro was in another car wreck, it wasn't his fault this time but the insurance don't wanna pay for his danger prone behind no more. So my parents are searching for a new one while bro is looking for one of his own, he won't be on ours anymore because he's been in so many these last few years. Makes me not wanna learn to drive for the sole reason of avoiding car crashes.

I swear, thinking about all this stuff just is gonna make me have a break down one of these days. I know its coming too, I've had enough of them to know when ones bubbling up. My counselor says my anger/emotional issues are like soda pop. I keep it all bottled up, getting shaken with everything that bothers me, until eventually I can take no more and blow! Sounds pretty accurate to me :P

Ah well, I try to deal with things as they come. I think way too much when I try to think ahead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by double trouble!
    I'm homeschooled and took online classes, there were 105 tests in the whole thing.


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