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Oh great. It's this kid.

My Infractions!

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I have none.

I've always kinda wanted to have an infraction or two so I could feel badass and have something to talk about, but I was always too afraid to act out of line when I wasn't a mod (plus I was a regular in anime, and mods there needed a break back then xP).
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  1. Altaïr Ibn La' Ahad's Avatar
  2. CrackFox's Avatar
    I have lots of infractions, but never because of a desire to 'act out' I got them just going about my business.
  3. jda95's Avatar
    Me too! I kind of wanted to just create a blank blog~ :P
  4. Akuraito's Avatar

    Pointless post infraction here.

    [s]i'm actually rather suprised i didn't get it earlier[/s]


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