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Pokemon "Tiers." And People who say, "If it's not Uber. It's not good."

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Hey there, my name is Raff. And I have just joined today actually. But anyways, below is what I have wrote today.

Every forum I go to, or every place I see, or everyone I talk to about Pokemon. They either say, "OMG ITS NOT A UBER ITS NOT A GOOD POKEMON LOL!!!" Or, "YOUR DRAGONITE SUCKS CAUSE' THERE IS GARCHOMP NAO!" Or some crap like that. Honestly, come on. Ever since they made natures and such, Pokemon turned into a whole different type of game in Ruby and Sapphire. And from then on, it's been this way. I remember in Yellow, Blue, Red, Green(For those who played it. I never have.), Gold, and also Silver. It was never about natures and such. Heck, you could just use any Pokemon party you caught and trained through the game, and if it was EV trained or not it still could own the other players party. No matter what. A battle was about just using the Pokemon you caught, and trained hard all the way to lv 100 by Pwning the Elite Four up and down the street(Or Red or as I call him Ash in Gold and Silver.) I mean come on. Pokemon is NOT the same game it used to be. And we all know this. Now, there are some pluses to natures and such. Like the bonuses, and how it makes them stronger. Well, besides the Minuses. But also, the tiers. If you don't use Ubers, people will tell you your team suck. Just because it's not a Legendary(Yeah that's right you noob. Go ahead, and spam all those Legendaries.. It doesn't make you good. It makes you a Noob for using Legends. Because you can't use regular Pokemon, and make a good team out of them.) And also, if it doesn't have a tremendous freaking stat in every stat, it's useless. Honestly, do I think Haxourous is that good? Not really. Why? His Defenses are horrible. I mean Gah, people talk about "BUT HE HAS 147 ATTACK!" True, now that's nice and all. But still, why is he so great if he has those low defenses? Most of the time when you guys see a Pokemon with low defenses, and a high attack like they that, they put it in the NU tier. But all in all, the point of this is that people who play Pokemon now a days, only care about using the Legends, or some Pokemon that is horribly Over powered. AND EVERYONE has to use Stealth Rock, Toxic Spikes, or Spikes. Gah, can't people just be creative and use their own stuff? I don't even. Oh well, I'm done now. I guess that makes me feel better...I still just don't even.

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  1. Baron Brixius's Avatar
    I'm glad I don't pay attention to metagame and don't do competitive battling, else I'd be annoyed by this stuff too.
  2. Ranger Jack Walker's Avatar
    I don't know what you're talking about because everytime I see someone use a Legendary (especially if it is an Uber Legendary) someone always comes in to call that person a noob.

    And people use Stealth Rock, Toxic Spikes and Spikes because they work so well. What would you have them do? Not use strategies that win? That makes perfect sense right?
  3. Ghetsis-Dennis's Avatar
    ^ You're only proving his point.

    The metagame is dominated by tanks, walls, lightning bruisers, water types, fighting types, steel types, ground types, weather summoners, speedy/defensive baton passers, and hazards. This causes glass cannons, fast but frail sweepers, and jack of all trades to be sent to the lower tiers, resulting to an unbalanced game.
  4. RaffStriker's Avatar
    Good point Ranger. But also, everyone does it. You would think everyone would be creative and do something different. :\ Instead of the same movesets on almost every single pokemon now a days in the Competitive battles. I mean, now, some Pokemon have shallow movepools. And can't help it. But I mean, I don't know. I just think it's all to much the same for every person who does the competitive battles. My point is just can't there be any creativity? Not everyone copying everyone else? :\ I'm sure to some it isn't a bother. I don't know. It's just something on my mind. I'm not really arguing, or calling people out. It was just something I wanted to say. I didn't mean to offend anyone either. :\ I admit I was a bit rash I guess.
  5. Envoy's Avatar
    Little known fact, Pokemon Red and Blue and Pokemon Gold and Silver have competitive tiers too. You and I were probably too young at the time to care about them though.

    And Ranger Jack's right. From my experience, legendaries like Rayquaza and Arceus are frowned upon. Also, the standard tier of play is OU, not Uber.

    Haxorus works because that massive attack stat is coupled with usable speed, which is something the likes of, say, Rampardos lacked. Its pathetic defenses are the thing that's keeping it in the standard tier and the reason it hasn't been booted to Uber yet.

    I think that this thread might be something of interest to you.
    Updated 27th May 2012 at 12:06 PM by Envoy
  6. Bubble Frog's Avatar
    @Ghetsis-Dennis; Once again, you're overdoing it. This is a blog not on the metagame, but the culture of it.

    Actually RaffStriker I've seen and used many strategies that people have thought up out of their heads. Beware of the Soak Lumineon + Bullet Seed Cinnico combo! XD
  7. RaffStriker's Avatar
    ^ XD I've never heard of that one before.
  8. Baron Brixius's Avatar
    That's one strategy Zeb dreads.
  9. SnorlaxMonster's Avatar
    The only real difference between now and back then is Wi-Fi battles. Before you would only battle against your nearby friends, and the internet was very undeveloped. So most people didn't really about IVs and EVs (which existed at the time). Now people know how to make the absolute best team, rather than simply being the friend with the highest level Pokémon. If you got a Gen I or II game and battled competitively with it, you would need to train the same way people do for the modern games (just there would be fewer mechanics to consider, like natures and, in Gen I, items). In early official, people would have EV trained just like people do now (because the people that won would know how it worked).

    Also, nobody tells you that your team sucks if it doesn't have Ubers. Ubers are overpowered, and a banlist. People will tell you that using them is cheap, and that your team sucks if you need to rely on one.

    Also, plenty of people come up creative movesets, but they're just added to the list of good sets to use, so you don't realize it. Why would you compete with something that was as good as it could be?


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