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Trying to calm down (WARNING! ANGSTY TEEN ALERT!)

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So I'm kind of in a bad mood.

First of all, I had two finals today, so I'm stressed out to begin with. My math final was hard at some parts and easy in others, but it still took two whole hours. Spanish Final was directly after that, which was impossible for me. Then I just had a shitty rest of school, probably since I was so stressed out.

When I got home, I had a trade scheduled with my cousin's friend, so I did that. It was a simple trade, just a Growlithe egg for a Machop, and it went over smoothly. But the thing that pissed me off was that the Growlithe egg was a FUCKING SHINY. I've been searching for a shiny Growlithe/Arcanine for the past 3 months, and he still refuses to give it back to me. I've even offered him a shiny Lucario, his favorite pokemon, but he still won't do anything. Probably just to piss me off. Sadly, it's working.

Then, just a few minutes ago, after setting up a trade/trade back for an Electabuzz that I worked very hard on, some troll stole it. The way he/she/it did it was excruciatingly painful; at the very end of the selection process, he/she/it chose the "are you sure you want to trade?" then turned the power off. Awesome.

So now, I'm just trying to calm down and relax. Sitting outside in the sun with the laptop and a lemonade.

Sorry that you just had to read that rant...

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  1. Shiny Metagross's Avatar
    @Princess CrowThe joke will wind p being on your trading partner because you'll be getting a better elekid this time.
  2. Karamazov's Avatar
    If it helps any, there's no guarantee that Growlithe egg would have been shiny in your game.

    Shiny Pokémon - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia
  3. Synthesis's Avatar
    @Princess Crow ; omg so angsty
  4. Princess Crow's Avatar
    @Synthesis ; omg so angsty.


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