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HeartGold Nuzlocke Challenge [Part 5 : Omelette du Pissenlit Volant]

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Sorry for the long absence, I should have informed that I was going to Poitiers (a town in France) last week. I haven't given up on this Nuzlocke yet, so I shall continue blogging about it, whether you like it or not ! >:D
In case you're wondering, "Pissenlit Volant" means "Flying Dandelion".


As I exit Violet City, an old man blocked my path, telling me a man with glasses is waiting for me at the Pokémon Market. how did he know ? I had no idea. When I went inside, the man with glasses who happens to be Professor Elm's assistant gave me the egg I was entrusted to carry to the Lab. I had to accept it and after the assistant went away, I was pondering about what I should do with that egg.

When I exited the Pokémon Market, a woman in a kimono halted me and told me I should take great care of that egg. After she went, I thought "What is it with those peoples wanting me to keep an egg?"
After a little visit to the Pokémon Center to store that egg, I finally got to walk on Route 32, not without the old man giving me a Miracle Seed as a souvenir of my visit to Violet City.

Afterwards, as soon as I walked into the tall grass, it appeared :

Herbert, Lvl 6 (Male)
Quiet, Likes to Relax
Ability : Leaf Guard

I don't remember why I came up with this name, though. O__O

At that moment, I got a phone call from Scout Francis, telling me he was so close to catch a Metapod. He kept me busy and as I finish the call, I turn around to see that a Lvl 4 Rattata had murdered Herbert. When I saw the bit of blood dropping from the Rat Pokémon's tooth, out of anger I send Parker to eat that pest. R.I.P Herbert. Short lived, but will be long missed.

Shortly after, I proceed to train more on this route, killing 9 Rattatas, 5 Bellsprouts and a Mareep, while also battling Youngster Romeo and Picknicker Elisabeth, allowing Wallace and Fritz to level up to 12 and 11 respectively and giving the former the ability to use the Wrap attack. Elisabeth gave me her phone number, which made me feel special. After going back at Violet City to heal my Pokémons, I realized the night had fallen down and I ran as fast as I could to the next Pokémon Center located on the south of Route 32.

However, I had to battle both a Fisherman named Auffray and a few wild Pokémons, namely Zubat Wooper and Mareep, the latter paralysing Wallace due to Static and Parker leveled up to 12. A fat guy asked me if I would buy a "Slowpoketail" or whatever that pink thing was for 1.000.000 Pokédollars. After my refusal, he told me to piss off. Three times. While slamming his fist into a tree, which contained a Pineco that exploded at the fat guy's face.


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  1. Hachidori's Avatar
    Awww, the first death. And such a short life too :(

    I've had that happen to me, I caught a Starly named Zephyr and he died before I even got the chance to level him up :/

    And sweet, I now know how to say Flying Dandelion Omelette if I want to confuse people :3
  2. Herbizarre's Avatar
    There's a first time for everything, and a death in a Nuzlocke Challenge is one of those :(

    When you want to confuse people, make sure to say "Omelette AU Pissenlit Volant". The "DU" is an intentional mispell =p


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