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Thoughts behind the Best Wishes Season 2 forum.

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I don't often blog about my thoughts on the Anime forum in regards to modding duties. This one seems to be a rare case where I do, mainly out of surprise at how a few people would have prefered one single thread for Season 2. As the one who suggested a forum under Current Events, I think you can tell my opinion on the matter already :P But here goes.

For a lot of different things, the Anime section has almost always had grouped threads corncering news. A bunch of episodes revealed at once from a large preview, the end of a saga consisting of a major tournament and the buildup to a new saga altogether are just some of the examples that come to mind. It has always made sense to use them so that all the discussion is in one place, all the news is in one place and that it doesn't leak all over the forum and make a mod's job a lot harder. We all have lives of our own to lead outside of the forums and so putting unrelated topics together under a general scope is a good middle ground between making moderation easier and benefitting the users.

Things do change, however. There are more moderators in the section now compared to DP. Originally there were 4 moderators, 5 at roughly BW35, and then the staff drive got us up to 8. With more Anime moderators, we can have more threads for big news as we can afford to have more work and hassle on a larger scope as its being shared out into smaller portions.

We also look back at how we handle news and situations, and see where we can improve. One of the downpoints of the earlier linked threads is that many of the topics that the thread covers get drowned out by one or two popular topics, which isn't counting very active, vocal members. I'll use the Season 2 forum as an example. At the time of writing, the forum has 1,168 posts and 310 of them are from the Hikari thread. That's over a quarter of all posts in the forum. Now, imagine a grouped thread. Some members are posting back-and-forth about her return for several pages and then someone posts about Iris and her plot with the Kairyuu. The odds of them having a conversation with others about it are slim because they're going to be drowned out by the Hikari discussion. Users won't particularly want to browse through several threads of a topic they may not care about to find a couple of posts that they're interested in. It's a hassle and overall it can reduce activity during this exciting time of discussion.

One trail of thought is that there could be a limit on how much a discussion is discussed in a row to prevent other topics from not being discussed, or asking specific members to take a break, but that's a very unfair and unreasonable solution. If someone wants to discuss a legitimate, popular topic with another member they should be able to all they like. After all, we encourage debates in the Anime section with the Pokémon League subforum. Rather than have these members drown people out, we go for the middle ground. A thread where they can post to their heart's content about that certain topic, and threads where the other topics such as Iris can be discussed without hassle to find others who are interested.

Currently I think the forum is going well so far in allowing users to easily discuss the topics that they want to and not have to endure topics that they don't care about. Once Season 2 is airing and the forum is merged into the main Anime section, we'll undoubtably look back and see how we can do things better come the next big set of news which will hopefully be the end of the current Anime and a new one about the game PC similar to the BW2 animated trailer :P. Either way, I hope you guys are enjoying the discussion about Season 2; I think its really exciting and a big surprise that has put us all on the edges of our seats.

If you've got through that tl;dr and have any thoughts or suggestions on what you think should be done for the next set of big news, feel free to comment. I may or may not do another blog like this if there's a demand but it would have to be something where I don't reveal too much of staff discussion. I've previously had thoughts of doing one in regards to criticism and bashing of characters but that might be a bit too delicate of a topic.

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  1. Tsutarja's Avatar
    If something like this happens ever again, like the sudden and completely unexpected revelation of a new season (Japan has seasons!?), I say go with this again - it's much easier to discuss the news in a separate forum without cluttering up the actual anime forums.

    So yes, I like what you guys did after Best Wishes 2 was revealed.

    I believe something like that should be done again in case of some major news.
  2. Bluelatios's Avatar
    Don't forget about my suggestion in development to adding a separate anime board specifically for main characters :). And yeah, I like having temporary separate boards for big news, because anime discussion has basically exploded and had ample room to do so :D.
  3. Iteru's Avatar
    I haven't forgotten about it, its just really, really at the back of my priorities with season 2 and the short time between information being revealed. A new subforum at this time when people are so focused on another part of the section is just bad planning (trust me, I've got a different idea that I'd be starting the phases of already if it wasn't for season 2). If other users were more vocal in your thread for the idea and it seemed like something people would want then it would go up the priority list.
  4. GreatLiver's Avatar
    I'm sorta mixed on feelings about where to draw lines for subforums and such. I spend just about all of my time regularly in anime. I view most threads as pointless, so I really like that subforums were introduced. All of the fun & games never interested me so I'm glad they're no longer cluttering up the main anime forum. Same for debates, as the majority of the time those are just circular and aggravating. I'm sure there are some discussions I miss out on that I would have enjoyed, but I think overall it facilitates my forum experience. There are still about half the threads in the anime forum I would like to see moved. I only really regularly check a few threads. Most of them being preview, review, or the evolution thread. I honestly don't give a shit about if you think Vic Mignogna would voice Ash well or if I like how Ash is dressed, and I don't think those types of threads need to be mingling with news things. The evolution speculation can stay with news because most of the time that is driven by news and news is posted there. I'll end up getting a lot of threads I leave unread (though I do mark forums read often) floating between threads I'm actually reading.

    tl;dr I think the anime forum should be split up even more so that I only have to see what I want.

    As for what this blog is actually about and the Season 2 forum, I think it is absolutely going phenomenally. I don't know if it's just that I'm home and not doing anything now, but ever since that started up I've been a lot more active on the forums. Having separate threads for everything makes it really easy to pinpoint stuff and follow multiple conversations at the same time. Especially seeing how some threads seem to be hot button issues while other threads are only really useful when news is coming out, it's nice to have so much separation, and I hope it's not too taxing on you guys. For me it has been extremely enjoyable, though that may just be because it's a news heavy time.

    Even with the separate forum, "asking specific members to take a break" would still be a good idea.


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