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No longer a Nuzlocke... now random rants!

Google Translate fails.

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I went onto the synopsis of B/W episode seven, and translated it to English using Google Translate... and Tsujara made the first Dent Cake... while it was drunk and bathed.

The picture:

Drunk Tsujara FTW!

Honestly, how can one thing fail so much?

I typed in "Get Tsujara with Attract?!" and got "Get Tsujara to Attract!"

I then typed in "SO I HERD U LIEK MUDKIPZ?!" and got "MUDKIPZ liek my flock of U SO!"...


Then I typed "SO I HERD U LIEK TURTWIGS?!" and got "! TURTWIGS of LIKE, so my flock U!"

...This is fun.

More, I guess.

My Dog's advice to -
Advice My Dog

Flannarey is hot *Shot* to -
Hot Flannarey

Archaic to -

Old Fashioned... O_o

Chuck Norris to -

...Chuck Norris

Pokédex to -

Pokémon to -

Should I do this as a daily thing?

Some of these got kind of funny..

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  1. Kars's Avatar
  2. Gomazou's Avatar
    I wonder what'll happen if I type in "Ash should date Flannarey."...

    Ash should date Flannarey to -

    Flannarey a Hot Date with Ash
  3. IslandWalker's Avatar
    I always did this in Japanese class. I typed in random Japanese symbols and saw what it meant. The best:

    something like "I spit out butterflies"

    I'll have to Flick the Fig

    Occasional splash velocity fig


    A person in my class translated something, and Mr. ??? became Mr. Mario Games. Weird.
  4. Gomazou's Avatar
    It's because they want you to buy Mario Games.

    I got "I spit out the Butterflies" for "I spit out butterflies". XD
  5. SaintJimmy's Avatar
    "school is very boring sometimes"

    to chinese, and back into english

    "school sometimes very boring."

    This is fun! You should TOTALLY do this daily!
  6. Gomazou's Avatar
    I got "School is very boring, and sometimes".
  7. Pain Split's Avatar
    @Grass Mixer; Filipino to English. Type in "pikachu". It turns into "Batman"!


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