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Squeaky the sixth

Pokemon Emerald Run.

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Hello and this is my first blog post about my pokemon emerald run. unfortunately, I did not think to do this blog until this morning, where I am at Fortree city. My party is somewhat under leveled and I don't have the best type coverage. I'm going to have to grind a considerable amount before I can face the gym leader.

Party (More details will in time)
Marshstomp Lv28
Moves Water gun, surf, bide and mud shot. Skarmory, Aircutter, steel wing, swift and agility Lv27. Torkoal, Body slam, secret power, ember and curse Lv27 (?). Nuzleaf, Fake out, torment, nature power and bullet seedLv28. Hariyama, Strength, vital throw, fake out and whirlwind. Lv29
I have think the sixth member might be.
Shuppet, Duskell or Spoink.

Anyway I feel that Skarmory is a great addition to my team, its steel typing giving me solid defenses, yet it is still quite fast. I feel that Nuzleaf, with its poor moveset, has been lack. I want to get to learn exstenory, then evolve it. Torkoal is slow, which means that curse suits it fine. Since my Nuzleaf (Soon to be shiftry) has that speed uped in sun ability, I want to make this my sunny day user. Marshstomp utterly destroyed the third and forth gyms and since that over leveled it I haven't used it in a while. Hariyama is just a beast, with high hp and attack. Although it does have a habit of staying asleep for a long time.
Ps: Skamory can't seem to hit anything with steel wing I mean statisticly I should only miss 1 in 10 attacks but its more like on in two for me.

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  1. Lord Clowncrete's Avatar
    Go for spoink. it has decent spdef.
  2. Oswin's Avatar
    Bad thing about Nuzleaf is that it doesn't learn Extrasensory until around level 45-50 :/
  3. Squeaky the sixth's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by PkmnGreen
    Bad thing about Nuzleaf is that it doesn't learn Extrasensory until around level 45-50 :/
    Yeah Pkmn green, he's a bit of dead weight, but I will be worth it (I hope). Lv49!
    Updated 24th April 2012 at 10:52 AM by Squeaky the sixth


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