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So-called "free speech"

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I should know better than ranting about these debatable things. I don't even like debating in itself, and this is pretty much flamebait and goes against all the board's rules or something. I do want to note that this isn't intended to target anyone in particular, much less in this forum, rather just something I see far too often.

But I'm sorry, I just need to get this out somehow.

"People being against my being against of their ideals and screwing them over is against free speech!"

Yeah no. First of all that's a logical fallacy in itself: You are excusing yourself with the very same thing you are doing, you are making an act to turn around the tables.

Second, with that you are holding that free speech is such an abstract concept it applies to the level of logic regardless of what's even being said.

But, that's not really the problem. The idea of free speech is a very noble one, the problem is those that do a MOCKERY of it, and abuse it as an excuse to do the complete OPPOSITE of its intent.
They throw stones and just claim "free speech!" as if it were a magical shield spell.

Then, there's how they try to seem as if there should be a balance between two sides, when one is "we should exterminate B" and the other is "A and B must coexist together". It's nothing short of stupid.

And of course, they are trying to apply free speech to themselves, in a topic about how other people don't have free speech. Basically it IS saying: "My free speech is that you don't have free speech!". It's ridiculous.

tl;dr Stop using "free speech" as an excuse for hate speech. TRUE free speech has been attained in mere small amounts with incredible hardships, and doing that is an insult to it.

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  1. Shinobu's Avatar
    I mainly don't like when people think free speech means they can make inflammatory remarks and no one else is allowed to make a rebuttal.

    Just remember, free speech means that you have a right to voice your opinion, and I have a right to say how incredibly stupid your opinion is.


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