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I hate Digimon Savers!

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I decided to post this here since I need to let out my emotions about this issue since any where else would make me sound like a troll.
Now I'm a big fan of digimon, I've been a fan since I was 5 when Adventure first became part of the Fox Kids line up.
Recently we've had to see Masaru return in Xros Hunters to punch the crap out of digimon, and this is stupid!
I hate Digimon Savers so much! When ever I think about this show I feel like I'm getting a brain aneurysm, that is gradually killing me!
Digimon Tamers is also one of my favorite shows of all time but Savers just takes everything good about the franchise and messes it up!
I can't even go on Digimon Forums because I can't stand people saying how much they like this series because I think there reasoning is so STUPID.
People like the show because they it took risks and that's what made it so cool!
Well I took a risk too, I watched this series and now I want to cut myself to forget!

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  1. Envoy's Avatar
    I haven't been keeping up with Xros, but I wholeheartedly agree that Savers sucks. I thought Adventure 02 was bad, but damn this just takes the cake. Masaru is just a terrible main character. He undergoes no significant character development and I hate how the show treats his "punch now, think never" approach to...well, everything, as the single best strategy to deal with one's problems. Yoshino being a weak female lead and Tohma being a fourteen year old prodigy at everything do NOT help at all.

    I'm also a bit tired of seeing Agumon everywhere. I think Guilmon was a much more well rounded and overall better Digimon and, personally, my favorites are all the canine Digimon (Gabumon, Renamon, etc) whom I don't get to see enough.
  2. Karamazov's Avatar
    >Took risks

    But what exactly do you not like about Savers, besides that "it's stupid?"
  3. Magmaster12's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Karamazov
    >Took risks

    But what exactly do you not like about Savers, besides that "it's stupid?"
    Masaru is completely unlikable as a character and not at one point in this series does he get a proper comeuppance for his own actions. Basically whatever he did never had a real consequence, and we expected to like this character for constantly trying to start fights and yelling at other people without one thought of it being right or wrong! The world does not work like this! You can't just run up and start fighting without a proper thought! Or how he beat up Biyomon right in front of Kristy! You could say it was because he cared so much for Kristy despite the fact there's been little to no reference to that. He starts off as monkey brained leader and ends the series being a monkey brained leader! Like what was the point of it? Was it to teach people that reckless actions have no consequences? You could say that it wasn't trying to teach a lesson because it wasn't intended for kids, but so what? It's not like this series tried to have its own set of morals for its target audience, it's what we basically expect out of a digimon series.

    There's a lot of stuff I hate about this series but my hatred for Masaru is high after seeing him again in Xros Hunters.


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