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pokemon wifi channel on youtube

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Now I usually don't like 'plugging' people or advertising things but this is an exception. If you are interested in looking at wifi battles on youtube, especially ones with commentary then Haydunn is in my opinion the most entertaining and funniest out of them all (at least one of them). Here is one of his videos and there are hundreds more on his channel. He even does playthroughs of various Pokemon games and is currently doing a very interesting nuzlocke challenge for Diamond. I suggest checking him out if you're into looking at pokemon battles on youtube and actually not have to listen to a very boring person.



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  1. AshK's Avatar
    I just realized that because of his views and exposure if you already look at youtube vids of pokemon battles online you probably already heard of him. But my compliments stand! If you never browsed for pokemon related things on youtube, check him out first if u want.
  2. SharKing's Avatar
    I've heard of him. And I've found him to be too obnoxious for my tastes.
  3. Sublime's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Scary Fish
    I've heard of him. And I've found him to be too obnoxious for my tastes.
    He's bad at the game, and he even admits it. I don't know what people get out of watching him.
  4. TheMissingno.'s Avatar
    He was actually pretty decent at fourth gen NU. Unfortunately I unsubscribed a number of months ago when he announced that he wouldn't be doing wifi battles anymore. His wifi narrations are the only things of his worth watching in my opinion. Check out Fizzy Stardust, NBZ and TheFlamingSpade. Those are my three favorites right now.
  5. AshK's Avatar
    He's pretty great at NU. I'm always quite amused with his pokemon nicknames lol. Thanks for the suggestions Mij.
  6. Lord Clowncrete's Avatar
    Also try kingdaddydmac, shofu, tonyflygon, etc.


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