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LOL I have a blog?

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I have a blog? Awesome...

Anyway, I suppose I post my dull ramblings here and people somehow find this entertaining.

I went to McDonalds yesterday, that was about the extent of my day. Wow, im really boring...

Liverpool lost as well, which kinda pees me off. Sunderland are crap.

Well, that was potentially the most boring post ever...


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  1. Milo†icgirl McQüeen's Avatar
    OMG a Liverpool fan.

    Whoop whoop, big them up with more Bmgf users xD
  2. Karamazov's Avatar
    I like McDonald's, too. Do you enjoy breathing as well?
  3. Charraze's Avatar
    Cant get enough of breathing, love it.

    Yes I support Liverpool. Come on the reds


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