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Rightous head shaving!!!!

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So I was walking in my College cafeteria, when I saw a stand of green. Walking over to it I found out it was the St. Baldrick's Foundation stand, a charitable foundation dedicated to researching and finding a cure for Pediatric Cancer (childhood cancer). After talking to some of the people, I decided to shave my head in order to raise some moneys for them!

It was a snap decision on my part, but hey, if I can help people by getting a massive haircut so be it! You can check out my webpage on St. Baldrick's to check out how much I've raised and before and after pictures (coming soon).

Jordan Lombardo - A St. Baldrick's Participant

I'm getting my head shaved on the 16th of March, so feel free to give your support by raising awarness and maybe even donating a dollar or two, or even just giving tips on how I should flaunt my bald head for the next 2 months.

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  1. Zenax's Avatar
    That explains your username. It's awesome that you decided to get your head shaved for a cause like that! I remember doing the same thing in sixth grade, and getting my father to also get his head shaved, iirc I accumulated about $70 at the time. I hated being bald because I had to wear a bandanna for a few weeks, but it was worth it. I'd probably do it again if there was another campaign in my town.
  2. Mißingnåen's Avatar
    You should get a tattoo on your head while it's shaved. It'll be your only chance, then you can say you have a tattoo but you'll still be able to get a job or whatever.


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