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N's Queen Julie/Miley810 from PC/eeveegirl810 from Serbii's blog!


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Well, I'm intelligent. I forgot me and my first boyfriend's 2 Month Anaversery, and not only that I can't spell anerversery. And when I apallogised for forgetting (talking on FB) He said 'Calm down :) '. I said 'I'm calm :3 Cool as a cucumber' and he found that funny. <3 ......... I CAN'T BELIEVE I FORGOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I remember V-day, I see him every Saturday so I gave him his box of chocolate last Saturday. He said he was gonna give my v-day gift next time, that he hadn't got it yet. He's so sweet. <3 We both love pokemon, bowling, a lot of stuff. We went on our first date about a month ago. MY FIRST DATE! Yes, my first date and boyfriend. He's so nice. I feel horrible about forgetting our Anaversery, and neither of us can spell it.

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