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Canary in a Dark Cave

Bearded Dragon used Roar!

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I have no idea which photo I put on this thing. Phone navigation is difficult. Edit, ok I tried to put on a photo, didn't work. Game over. Edit out!
Anyways, its one of my beardies. I gave the big one a new cage, with a hill thing to his basking spot, which has been decorated with foody claw prints...
Also, yesterday,
He licked my dr pepper!!!

One of my smaller beardies needs his nails filed! He's crawling up and down my leg, and I can feel pin pricks, although now he's examining my leg and licking the shoe laces.

Next one I get ( in a couple of years) will be named Jamais, that is if I can get my hands on one of those eastern black beardies. Ah well. Dreams, dreams...
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  1. やみのディアルガ's Avatar
    Whoa, hey! May I use your attached image to make something? Thanks!
  2. 137.RADIO's Avatar
    @Axel Evans Sharp

    Well, the image turned out to be a flippin table (an awesome one though)
    Mind I ask what you would be using it for?
  3. やみのディアルガ's Avatar
    Well, if I were to create a banner or to decorate my thread (possible in PokeCommunity), it's possible.
    But if I were to use it, can I?
  4. 137.RADIO's Avatar
    @Axel Evans Sharp
    If you do use this, because I took the photo myself for the purpose of using it in a banner that I haven't gotten around to, I want you to credit me for it and if pokecommunity allows out of forumn linking, with a link to my shop. I may change that last part though because I change the title of my shop frequently and it changes the url with it.
    So for now, if you use this a texture, simply credit me.
  5. やみのディアルガ's Avatar
    Alright, and I think PokeCommunity allows forum linking.
  6. 137.RADIO's Avatar
    @Axel Evans Sharp
    Alright, could I see it if you ever finished?
  7. やみのディアルガ's Avatar
    Okay...however, I don't need it right now.


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