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My Pokemon Nicknames (FireRed)

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Personally, I think nicknaming Pokemon is one of the best parts of the games. I enjoy exercising my creativity, and I love to shre my names and hear other people's. So, I decided to blog a little bit about the nicknames I give my Pokemon. I figured I'd start with my FireRed version. Just because its Kanto and its the first game in my current gameplay order. So, here are my (current) names from FireRed, and a little explanation on each one. Enjoy!

Pepper the Charizard (Female):
I'm not entirely sure why I went with Pepper. I think its just a cute name for a little Fire-type. Though she's not exactly little anymore! I like to imagine her as being an usually small Charizard.

Clip the Raticate (Male):
I'm terrible at naming Rattata/Raticate for some reason. I just went with something simple. I was thinking of its teeth "clip"ping together when it bites something.

Peregrine the Pidgeot (Male):
Named after the Peregrine Falcon. The fastest bird, capable of going over two hundred miles an hour when it dives. What better name for a high-speed bird Pokemon?

Jujistu the Primeape (Female):
Named after a style of martial arts. I just like the way it sounds and found it suitable.

Blackout the Raichu (Female):
Down with cutsie names for Raichu! Nah, not really. Pikachu are known for causing blackouts, which is what this name comes from. I really like the sound of it. I think its a slightly tougher sounding name for an underestimated Pokemon. This is one of my favorite names.

Scorpion the Nidoking (Male, obviously):
I'm not entirely sure why I went with this. I mean, its poisonous, deadly, and has spikes (though not at all like the one on a scorpion's tail). Honestly, I think I just liked the sound of it.

Jellybean the Wigglytuff (Male):
For some reason, I like naming Jigglypuff after sweets or candies. Jellybean isn't too horribly girly for a male Pokemon, and Wigglytuff is sort of shaped like one.

Pyrite the Golem (Female):
Pyrite is Fool's Gold. Yeah, that's kind of a mean name for my Golem. However, I think it sounds better than just "Gold", and it still denotes that feeling of good fortune. Plus, I like using mineral names for Rock types.

Spectacle the Arbok (Male):
After the Spectacled Cobra. A fairly obvious name, but I like it nonetheless. It's also not quite as obvious as some of my other choices.

Aconite the Vileplume (Male):
Well, I wanted to give it a plant name without it being too girly. Aconite is a slightly more masculine, intimidating name for a giant flower. It's also known as "Wolfsbane".

Pendragon the Alakazam (Female):
This is another one of my favorite names. There's a magician couple known as the "Pendragons" and they focus on magic where "the body is quicker than the eye". The perfect name for a teleporting Pokemon. As a bonus, it sounds cool.

Panthera the Persian (Female):
"Panthera" is the genus name for big cats, like the lion and the tiger. I love scientific names, so naturally I named a Pokemon after one.

Cafall the Arcanine (Male):
Named after a dog that is sometimes mentioned in Arthurian legend. Arthurian legends are something else I like a lot, so names from the stories occasionally appear on my Pokemon.

Mercury the Dodrio (Male):
The Roman name for the Greek god Hermes. He's known for his speed, so I thought it was great name for a Doduo.

Telchine the Vaporeon (Male):
Named after a Greek monster that's half dog and half seal/fish. And what is Vaporeon? Exactly. Another one of my favorite names.

Doubletake the Gengar (Male):
Well, the Pokedex says it mimics shadows and likes to startle people. I figured if you saw one, you might do a doubletake.

Tombstone the Marowak (Female):
I'm not sure why, but this is one of my favorite names. I think it's because of Cubone's association with bones and graveyards.

Java the Rhydon (Male):
After the Javan Rhinoceros. I wanted to name it after a rhino, without being totally obvious.

Babydoll the Kangaskhan (Female, obviously):
Because I am compelled to give this tough-looking Pokemon a cute name. This is just the name that occurred to me when I caught it. I quite like it now. I think its a sweet name for a kind, motherly Pokemon.

Buzzsaw the Scyther (Female):
I have a tough time with Scyther. I just went with something that referenced its scythes. I think I was also inspired by that minigame in Stadium 2.

Triton the Seadra (Male):
Named after one of the sons of Poseidon. I've used Poseidon and Neptune for lots of Water types, and I wanted something a little different.

Calico the Seaking (Female):
The color pattern on this Pokemon is referred to as "calico". Not one of my more creative moments.

SandDollar the Cloyster (Female):
I'm not sure where I was going with this, to be honest. I wanted to reference a shell, but sand dollars aren't shells. I think I just had a braindead moment or something.

Cucumber the Golduck (Female):
I like using this name for Golduck. Kappas, the mythical monster its based on, are said to love cucumbers. So, my name references the Kappa without actually being Kappa!

Well, that's all the names I have for now. I hope you all enjoyed this blog, and I welcome any comments anyone may have. =3

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  1. jda95's Avatar
    I am going to shamelessly ripoff the name Blackout for my next Pikachu.
  2. Crystal_Talian's Avatar
    I'm glad you like it enough to use it yourself. =3


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