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Registeel or Ferrothorn?

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I need a mixed wall for my sand team, whos better to use?

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  1. Neosquid's Avatar
    Either one will work, really. Ferrothorn has Leech Seed and higher attack power, while Registeel has slightly higher defenses. Not to mention the type difference.
  2. Karamazov's Avatar
    On a sand team, I'm honestly not sure. But I've used Ferrothorn, and I can honestly say that it's an amazing wall, a superior lead, and one of my best team members.
  3. British Banette's Avatar
    I went onto bulbapedia, and these are both registeels and ferrothorns base stats


    attack: 94
    sp attack: 54
    sp defence: 116
    speed: 20

    while registeel is......

    Hp 80
    attack 75
    defence 150
    sp attack 75
    sp defence 150
    speed 50

    But seeing as your looking for a wall i would go with Ferrothorn. im not a compeditive player, so take the people above advice before mine.
  4. Lord Clowncrete's Avatar

    ferrothorn anyday. it has a better movepool, better typing, has a semi-reliable recovery in form of leaach seed, can set up entry hazards, can do some damage with gyro ball and is a great anti-rain pokemon.


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