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From the Serperior's Lair

New Years' Eve

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For me, today has its ups and downs.

Lemme start with the down: we got rear-ended earlier. We're fine.

The up is that it's New Year's Eve. It's fun and out house is bustling with activity in the kitchen. 2012 will come in 5 and a half hours here.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Durbe's Avatar
    Happy New Year, at least everyone is okay.
  2. VanManner's Avatar
    Happy New Years Serperiority, I hope everyone is all right.
  3. PhilosophyPhlare's Avatar
    Happy new year.
  4. Setra's Avatar
    Happy New Year!
  5. Serperiority's Avatar
    Thanks guys! Happy new year to y'all!


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