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3DS Friend Code (again) + Thoughts.

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Okay chaps, my friend code is 3437-3033-5679.

Posted in the 3DS owners' club, but everyone else is making a blog post to advertise as well, so why not join the crowd?

My thoughts on the console itself are actually quite positive. Admittedly the lack of quality titles quite obviously hindered its popularity, but recently enough decent games have been released to provide incentives for people to purchase the console, and this, along with the price reduction have given rise to a massive increase in sales.

I know a lot of people were miffed with the price reduction, but I for one am actually happy with the compensation we received, mainly in the form of Minish Cap which is a game I've wanted to own for several years, but have been put off by the ridiculous price tags wafted around on eBay and the like.

The launch lineup is looking a bit sparse at the moment, but I do intend to pick up a couple of already-released games once the prices lower a bit, and there's Resident Evil to look forward to in January, as well as the T.B.A releases of Paper Mario, Kingdom Hearts and a few others (Majora's Mask remake would be nice).

Anyway, everyone add me and we can exchange pleasantries and play games and be merry.

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  1. Oswin's Avatar
    Minish Cap is amazing! How far are you?
  2. Snoozle's Avatar
    Not that far, actually. I have somewhat of a thing where even if I'm enjoying a game, I end up getting distracted by other things instead of playing it.

    Last thing I remember doing was beating the first temple and then saving up 300 rupees for the boomerang.


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