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After you traverse digital forums long enough you begin to form a persona, a mask of yourself that you wear for whatever reason.

You may even change persona often as I have done in the past.

In the end however do you wear the mask or does the mask wear you?

You begin to forget what you looked like under the mask, you lose the ability to reconstruct the fragments of your old personality for it is shattered irreparably like glass.

For you are like a Jailer of your true personality, without letting it vent out every so often you tend to lose the key to its cage and eventually you lose that key in the dark oblivion of your mind.

Thus is the problem I have encountered lately, for under this digital mask there lies a man.

Under his skin lies flesh and under the flesh lies bones.

However, I am not that man, for I am Requiem~ on these forums.

But after you adapt so rapidly to the changing realities so often and change persona to keep that precious bit of sanity you keep your sanity but you merely lose yourself in the process.

Thus, I have come to a conclusion, everything comes at a cost.

Now that should seem obvious but anything can be risked as that cost.

Your life, your sanity, and even yourself.

Always remember who you are.

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  1. Stormbringer's Avatar
    @farewell, friend :We speculate all the time on matters we do not know.

    That is how we make such advancements in Science and technology.

    It is called a Hypothesis.
  2. farewell, friend's Avatar
    Speculation without evidence is worthless. It's a common misconception that theories in science are simply ideas- they are not. Theories must provide substantial verified evidence before they are accepted as such.
  3. Lord Aizen's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by farewell, friend
    Speculation without evidence is worthless. It's a common misconception that theories in science are simply ideas- they are not. Theories must provide substantial verified evidence before they are accepted as such.
    with what you are debating about, the major change due to persona.
    wouldn't i be fall into that subject due to my rejection of gender?
  4. Stormbringer's Avatar
    @farewell, friend :

    Evidence? I do have evidence, I collect it constantly.

    I think I properly did the steps of the basic scientific method.

    I found a problem: I felt I was losing myself by personas.

    I made observations : I collected plenty of data of social interactions, reactions, and personalities.

    I made a hypothesis : The thing I posted in my blog.
  5. The Outrage's Avatar
    As if people don't put on personas as much in real life as they do online. Everyone adapts to context.

    I think the commonality is if you are the type to adapt your personality to a situation in real life, that you'd change it on the internet as well (and if you're normal, chances are you do adapt yourself). I don't believe the personality or identity is lost, from my observations, each "mask" as you put it is merely a different aspect of your personality.

    From my personal experience, I don't put any conscious effort to act differently, I just do depending on who I am around. I only noticed this when people who normally see me acting in one particular way (like my interactions with people I don't consider as close) and see me in another situation (around my friends), they're surprised.

    A non-personal example is my French teacher who said she was surprised that this quiet girl was in the drama club and wouldn't let her out of class to go to a meeting when called because she didn't believe it. She assumed her behaviour in class was representative of her behaviour everywhere else. And that's just it, I think, at least from a Western perspective, we seem to view behaviours as indicators of innate traits and discount situational influences (and there are a lot of studies to go with this; see: Correspondence Bias)

    In short, I don't believe these "masks" you observe are a change in personality, but the product of innate personality traits interacting with the social situation and that your conclusions have confounded behaviour with innate traits. Yes, we can only indirectly assess personality through our actions, but its an inaccurate assessment if you don't look at the social situation. Is a person acting like a douche on the internet but not real life really changing faces, or are there just less social constriction?
    Updated 27th December 2011 at 05:44 AM by The Outrage
  6. Stormbringer's Avatar
    @The Outrage :It seems like you put a lot of well put thought into that.

    Thank you, it is appreciated.
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