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What a lovely society!

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Why! I have the most bizarre news to tell you all today.

Don't worry, I don't usually talk politics. But this really upset me.

Today in Argentina is the Ten Years Anniversary of the fall of a democratic president. No need to know his name, he was simply forced to retire from his legitimate and legal duties. The party he represented was the Radical Party, and they have been having a long-time feud with the opposing party, the Peronists (named after Perón, who was Evita's husband. Yeah, it's not just a musical! the more you know). Or rather, has it been the other way around? Because it seems the Peronists are the ones always stirring up trouble.

So today, they decided to celebrate -yes, you read me right, CELEBRATE- the fall of democracy ten years ago.

Check it out, see for yourself:

Quebracho prendió fuego un árbol de Navidad en Plaza de Mayo - lanacion.com *

It's in Spanish, but no matter. Understanding what it says is unimportant. Basically they gathered in the most popular plaza in the city, marched around with wooden clubs and masks, and set fire to tires and even A CHRISTMAS TREE that was there in the plaza. Just, wtf people?! Are there no laws for these guys? Can they just do whatever they want because the current government is Peronist and so are they? WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?!

I am outraged. As if celebrating a strike in democracy wasn't bad enough.

And I also absolutely love their double-standards. These are the same people that cry in the corner of their rooms everytime March 24th comes around (the conmemoration of another government strike, but that time it was taken over by the Armed Forces). Want to know why? Because the Forces chased them, that's why. Now, I'm not saying it's a good thing that the Forces used violence against the people. But how dare they celebrate the strike they -the Peronists- made with their own hands, and mourn the Military Strike to the Government?

OK, I'm done. Seriously, I think a civil war is coming. I'm not even kidding. I am angry but at the same time, so scared. I want to be away from this place. I can't stand living here anymore.

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  1. Space Opera's Avatar
  2. Aori's Avatar
    @Corpus Juris Civilis I know right :( and as an Argentinian I have seen some pretty bizarre things in my lifetime, but this just made me feel sick to the stomach.
  3. Lord Aizen's Avatar
    *Speaks spanish*
    Hey! I'm somewhat related to those crazy people?

    People celebrate things that they shouldn't some times.
  4. Jack Pschitt's Avatar
    Finish college and move to Peru? Uruguay? Maybe? They have stable governments, right?

    Now that I think about it, Latin America is quite the political mess...
  5. Aori's Avatar
    @Maybe dead-chan lol it's best to be unrelated! :P I know ._. it was so terrible.

    @Jack Tschitt I actually don't know how stable they are, but Uruguayans are just the same as Argentinians (same accent... same everything xD). I would rather not be close to any Argentinian-like person/creature after I leave Argentina LOL. I'm hoping to work in the States but... er... when I get my title I'll see :( it's kind of hard. But I won't give up. Because of the considerable amount of time I spend in the States (I vacation there twice a year, and one of those times it's for a couple of months), I think of it as my second home. I can't help but admire how neat everything is there - although it might sound silly to people who were born there, being born in Argentina you cannot imagine how much I appreciate it when law is important and everything is orderly. It's never this way here. Everyone bribes and cheats their way out of everything... did you know we actually have to bribe airport staff at the Buenos Aires airport for them to get you a cart to put your luggage in? They steal the luggage carts from the cart-giving machine so they can make a few extra bucks. LOL sorry, I'm just rambling here O_O sorry!
  6. Aori's Avatar
    By title I mean, major (as in graduating university). Here we use the term "title" but I don't think it's a proper English term :P
  7. Jack Pschitt's Avatar

    Ah, I see. I was just thinking of Spanish-speaking countries that aren't far away. But yeah, the US would be a good choice if your English is good.


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