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So I just saw the first 6 minutes of The Dark Knight Rises

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Just got back from seeing the prologue to The Dark Knight Rises in Indy, and I’ll essentially be echoing most people’s sentiments.

After all the hype the prologue was given by the press who saw it earlier, I honestly thought maybe I was getting too hyped. Yet, the prologue exceeded my already exceedingly high expectations.

First things first; other than the first 20 seconds of footage, the prologue had a very unique look compared to the first two Nolan Batman flicks (and if the minute of footage post-prologue is any indication, the rest of the film will maintain this). It almost reminds me of old film epics. Particularly one shot in the series of shots post-prologue (Bane atop the snowy steps of what I’m assuming is a government building). Needless to say, the prologue is gorgeous and absolutely justifies Nolan’s devotion to film.

As for the reason everyone is hyped, Tom Hardy is chilling as fuck as Bane. I don’t know why people have been labeling him “unintelligible”, as I understood every sinister-ass line of dialogue other than a bit when shit was really going down and it was hard to understand what anyone was saying (which should be a pretty simple fix). It’s all in the eyes for Bane in this scene (I’m really looking forward to seeing the way this character carries himself outside of the big action sequences). They are in-fucking-tense, and coupled with that mask and that Russian/British/whatever elecrtro-box voice Bane is legitimately terrifying.

Then there is the action sequence itself. Which is honestly like nothing I’ve ever seen. To use even more cliche hyperbole (which I dislike using, but I’m at a loss for any other way to describe it), it blew by damn mind. Brains are splattered all over that theater in Indy.

Personal note: I was first in line at the screening due to showing up way too early. I felt both like a loser nerd and king of the Loser Nerds, Indiana Division. Odd mix between shame and pride.

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  1. The Fighting Misty's Avatar
    Its a damn shame this is the last Nolan movie.

    I would have loved to see his take on The Riddler or Penguin. Shame we'll never see that.
  2. Hitomi's Avatar
    Ain't nothin' wrong with being first in line for anything Batman related. I'm super jealous.

    Wish I didn't have to work evenings or I would've gone. Missed opportunity for me I guess, given how close I live to downtown Indy.
  3. Nelly's Avatar
    @Gliscor'd: Nolan was never planning on doing Riddler or Penguin anyway. He handles his villains as the extreme manifestations of a particular archetype (as anyone handles a good comic villain). For all intents and purposes Riddler is the same archetype as Joker, and Nolan didn't want to repeat himself. And a stripped-down realistic Pengin would essentially be what Carmine Falcone was in Batman Begins. The way I see it he is following a progression of Fear -> Chaos -> Pain. Scarecrow was the ultimate manifestation of fear, Joker was the ultimate manifestation of anarchic chaos, and Bane will be the ultimate manifestation of pure, unforgiving brutality (which was made damn apparent in the prologue).
  4. League's Avatar
    Ra's was a pretty unique "ultimate manifestation" himself, and so was Two-Face. (In different lights, they could both be heroes--they were both overzealous for supposedly right causes, "justice," "fairness.")

    On that note, it should be noted that Ra's was the main villain of Batman Begins: he was the enabler of Scarecrow (similar to how the Joker brought about Two-Face), present throughout the whole movie, and the real threat to Batman--so ultimately, I don't see the "Fear -> Chaos -> Pain" thing.
  5. Nelly's Avatar
    @League: But the threat to Gotham was enacted through fear, and Scarecrow was the one utilizing it, and that face was what was causing the terror about Gotham. Two Face was Joker's creation so it fits the fact that Joker is the ultimate manifestation of chaos.

    I'm essentially paraphrasing things Nolan has said about what he is going for with this trilogy.
  6. The Fighting Misty's Avatar
    Its also a shame whatever rebooted Batman movies come after this will either have to be really good or go back to being a nit more campy in a way to avoid being in the shadow of these movies.

    This is why I hate reboots...I feel the Nolan universe could go on for at least 2 more movies yet. I feel like this Batman is just getting started. Riddler, Penguin, Black Mask, the list is endless.
  7. Jabberwocky's Avatar
    Bane is from Central America... did he sound anything like someone from that area would?

    Also, I always felt that Riddler is more representative of logic than chaos. Logic is, after all, how Batman solves the Riddler's riddles.
  8. Nelly's Avatar
    @Jabber Claus: Regardless, Riddler is a "Few drums of gasoline and couple of bullets." type of villain. A villain who uses wits alone.

    And I don't think Nolan's Bane is from Central America. He's got an accent that sometimes sounds British, sometimes sounds Russian, and at some instances sounds Central American. This is because the accent is distorted by the mask. He could still be Central American, but I'm leaning towards a more Eastern heritage.


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