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Canary in a Dark Cave

oh the DESPAIR

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I bought a used Diamond and first thing I see is a level 100 Rayquaza.... from the mining muesum... and several shiny pokemon from the Mystery Zone...
Oh ,I wish that game was legit... but by the nine hundred to many master balls and shiny mewtwo with dark void... I'm in despai worse than Zetsubou-sensei.
I think I'll keep the save file... it's not like I have much business in Diamond, I like Platinum because of the survival area and the many times I get to incapitate Riley. ...it's a hobby....
I can't play it on my DSi though, ARs are scarey, but I've been thinking of getting one for IV veiwing. I could probably view my SID as well, but then it's more like borrowing an AR...

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  1. FullMetal's Avatar
    An Action Replay isn't scary if you use it right. I've had mine forever, and it hasn't ever hurt my games.
  2. Pokémad's Avatar
    That's why you don't get used games.
  3. 137.RADIO's Avatar
    I buy used games because they go for cheaper, except for the first one I buy when the games come out. I was originally buying white but it was to cheaper to get with Diamond and now I get to run around with illegal pokemon while catching bidoofs with master balls.
    I know that as long as you don't go dabbing around in thw world of mews with aurora tickets that ARs can be relatively harmless, but my cousin bricked his ds and two of his game(with an effort) and I have a slight fear of general technology. If my gameboy still worked and Silver decided to flip out on me I would stay in the same room, but whenever I think one of my DS games is acting weird it completely freaks me out. Still, though, an AR can makes things easier, like not having to run to Nimbasa when I'm stuck on route three. Well, I don't know how the code works...
  4. FullMetal's Avatar

    One thing you have to remember is that you shouldn't use more than one, maybe two codes at a time. That's one of the major ways a AR will screw up a DS. Oh, and you can't drop it either. By the way, how much was Pokemon Diamond used where you live?
  5. 137.RADIO's Avatar
    If you mean the price, it was one twenty five with two ds lite consoles and pokemon white and diamond. I couldn't get the other person to go down low enough if I only got white and a console. I've seen them for fifteen to twenty dollars most of the time.
  6. FullMetal's Avatar

    Wow. All of the fourth and fifth gens here are still $34-$37.
  7. 137.RADIO's Avatar
    Those sound like the gamestop prices for a gba game. I don't know what they are now, I haven't been in a while.
  8. FullMetal's Avatar

    My Gamestop doesn't sell GBA games. Well, to my knowledge anyways.


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