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Treecko the Gecko.

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Treecko the Gecko

We have recently got a new member to the family called Treecko Geeki Gecko XD I of course came up with the idea of calling him/her (don't know the sex yet lol) after the Pokemon Treecko, as it's based off a Gecko. I think it suits it :p

Here is a recent picture it's difficult to see it, but look closely and you will see Treecko hiding in it's tree.

We are letting it rest in it's home for now until it gets comfortable with it's environment. It's called a Crested Gecko and it's cute and only a baby (6 months old).

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  1. Oswin's Avatar
    Wow, cool! I once looked after a Gecko, it was so weird :P
  2. GatoRage's Avatar
    I once had an aquatic lizard. It was savagely killed by my plecostomus sucker fish called Magnum.
    And yes, he was named after the handgun.


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