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Art Slump...and some more...

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So I got a new laptop last week, which means I can finally start doing my fanart/digital art again. Only thing is, I've started seeing how all the artists I admire have improved while Ive been on...hiatus. And that is just making me depressed, honestly.
I mean, I got back on Bulbakaki, and both RikkiStar and CorpseFlower have been doing such amazing work that I could never hope to compare to...I dont know why I even bother drawing when no-one will notice it next to theirs.

Yes, I'm insanely jealous of them. Both of them. Mainly Rikki, coz she is always so popular no matter what she does, whereas Ive always been pushed to the background when I try to get noticed. Even Mariah, who I always thought I was on relatively even footing with, has blown me away with her improvements. I just cant seem to catch a break right now.
Anyone who reads this have any idea how to pull yourself out of an art slump? Coz I need help...

Kinda lame, isnt it? Getting depressed over art? It just gets to me when art was the one thing I thought I excelled at, but when I see what others can do...its obvious I dont. And if I dont excell at art, then what the hell can I do with my life? All my plans hinged on my drawing ability, which I now see isnt all that crash hot. I cant stay working in a cafe forever, but right now it seems its the only thing Im any good at...

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  1. Lord Aizen's Avatar
    Listen to music.
    It helps smooth your mind and also can inspire too.
    Yeah I know it's rough to see others be getting epic on art and be in the blues.
    But don't worry! We all got out own pace :D
  2. Skitty-Lover's Avatar
    I like your art. And you're comparing apples to oranges to bananas to peaches here, you guys all have different styles. Every one of your styles has a certain appeal to it, and it appeals to different people. Personally I missed you while you were gone and I'm elated to see that you're back and ready for action on the 'kaki. And if you don't feel comfortable drawing on there right now Trinish made one that you could practice on. Just don't give up Muk, you'll get back into the swing of things soon here and you get better with every line you draw anyway. *hugs*
  3. farewell, friend's Avatar
    I just want you to know, that the good artists are the crappy artists that never gave up.
    Art is a skill, like piano. Can you honestly expect to play like a concert pianist on your very first day? It takes years to build up a skill, and that's why we don't have pianists running all over the place.
    What separates people of varying levels is perseverance. You'll never go anywhere if you don't take that first step.
  4. gallowsCalibrator's Avatar
    Thanks guys. All of you. I appreciate your words.
    And thanks so much @Skitty<3er for making me feel appreciated. And its nice to know I was missed. Though could you direct me to Trinish's Kaki? I might try it out.
    subconcious sea , you're right. I just need to stick with it, I guess. I suppose Ill get there in the end.
  5. Skitty-Lover's Avatar
    Here's Scuttlekaki.
    Yay, now I get Trinish art and Muk art!


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