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Pokemon Doujinshi Collection - Shipping - Part 1 (1998 ~ HARUCOMI 15)

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A loooong time ago - like over a year ago - some people (I can't even remember who it was) showed interest in my Pokemon doujinshi collection, so I decided to make a list of them along with summaries and all that fun stuff.

And now I've finally gotten around to it! They're all listed in a completely arbitrary order using publish date as a base!

Here goes~

I absolutely will not scan any of these doujinshi in their entirety. These artists put so much time and effort into these books, for zero to negative profit, and I refuse to take advantage of their hard work in such a way. I will immediately turn down and laugh at any requests to scan any of these books in their entirety.
However, I will consider filling requests to scan a single panel, or even one or two pages, for sampling purposes. I would prefer that such scans not be used for avatars, banners, or other such graphics, but then again that is a bit hypocritical of me, since my own avatar is a doujinshi scan. So whatever.


Drama wa Dore Kara - Drama wa Kore Kara 2
(Where's the Drama?: Here's the Drama 2)

Published: 8/14/1998
Circle/artist: Gomaneko Club
Pairings/characters: Bill/James (one-sided, and yes, really); Butch/James (one-sided); Gary/Ash
Particulars: B5 / Offset / 30 pages

Summary: By far the oldest doujinshi I own, ahaha. (This goes for just Pokemon doujinshi and all doujinshi I own in general.) I bought it simply because Bill/James WTFFFFFF and it was only a hundred yen anyway.

It seems that it's actually the sequel of an earlier book(s?) which I do not own and honestly don't have much hope of ever finding. That said, the stories are easy enough to follow as they are.

Lucky Lucky Part 2continued 2: James has apparently fallen in love with Bill and run away from Team Rocket to be Bill's in-home chef. He wants to win over Bill's heart by cooking him fabulous European cuisine, but to James' dismay Bill just wants to eat cheap Japanese shit, like yakisoba made with ankake sauce. Ash and Misty visit Bill's house briefly before returning to the Orange Islands, and then the story is left at a cliffhanger when Butch shows up declaring that he won't forgive Bill for keeping his beloved James' cooking all to himself.

A Rival Appears 2 - Gary side: I don't give two shits about Palletshipping and this story can't keep my concentration long enough to actually read it.


Published: 8/12/2005
Circle/artist: ZA☆THE☆ZA / Bonjour Tomoko
Pairings/characters: Steven/May
Particulars: A5 / Offset / 30 pages

Summary: I LOVE Bonjour Tomoko's Daiharu doujinshi, oh my god. Her May is so adorable and I adore the way she draws her, and her Steven is just the right amount of dork and cool, and aaaaaaaaaaa her books are among my most treasured doujinshi. ;_; Unfortunately, it seems that she only ever published four Daiharu kojinshi, of which I only own two... orz

In any case, the summary of this one. May is riding her bike along route 119, hoping to run into Brendan in order to give him something (probably HM02). She instead finds Steven (who was trying to pull a particular stone from the rock face of a ledge), and they sit down to talk for a bit.

They discuss Brendan, who they both agree is a unique and exceptionally talented Trainer. May is a bit troubled that she doesn't have a clear path set out for her like Brendan; she isn't aiming for the Pokemon League, nor is she challenging Contests. Steven reminds her of what she told him when they first met - that she wanted to be friends with all the Pokemon in the world - but May feels that she needs to try her hardest to keep up with Brendan. Steven assures her that she has an excellent relationship with her Pokemon, and that she should just continue at her own pace to find what is important to her, without rushing. Encouraged, and realizing how much time has gone by as they talked, May says goodbye and heads on her way to find Brendan... Meanwhile, Steven confronts Wallace who ended up eavesdropping on them while fishing for Feebas. Wallace notes that Steven acts like an older brother to May; this is only natural, Steven mumbles to himself, because it's best not to rush.


Published: 2/12/2006
Circle/artist: ZA☆THE☆ZA / Bonjour Tomoko
Pairings/characters: Steven/May
Particulars: A5 / Offset / 50 pages

Summary: This is the book that made me fall in love with Bonjour Tomoko's works and search out more. (Unfortunately, as noted above, I only managed to find convolvulus.) I still love this book so much and - hnnnngghhhh I can't even this is just so lovely. ;_;

The story for this one is somewhat of a continuation of convolvulus, but it stands on its own perfectly well. In this one May has decided to give up on her Pokemon journey, and she goes to see Steven and tells him her reasons for it. I have a full translation of it here so I'm not even going to try to write a decent summary.

The postscript to this book says that the next book would be a continuation of this story, but it doesn't look like that continuation ever happened...

Tomoko-san... I want more...... ;_;

Strawberry Parfait

Published: 10/8/2006
Circle/artist: StrawberryPopp. / sato
Pairings/characters: Steven/May
Particulars: B5 / Offset / 42 pages

Summary: sato-san is unequivocally the most active and prolific Daiharu doujinshi artist in the fandom. I think that she's the only artist who still publishes Daiharu doujinshi currently (she had a new book on sale at the most recent Comiket; scroll way down for it (jk apparently there is a character limit so you'll have to wait until I post part 2), of course it's part of my collection). It would not be an exaggeration to say that probably 70% of Daiharu doujinshi is published by sato-san. Unfortunately, her stories aren't exactly my favorite; they're jammed full of moe cliche shit and it's kind of mind-numbing. Also she draws May with REALLY big and unnatural-looking boobs.

dammit, sato-san, why do I feel like my IQ is dropping when I summarize your doujinshi.

Ken to? Mahou to? Fantasy
Swords and? Magic and? Fantasy

Published: 8/17/2007
Circle/artist: Yukirinrin! / Azuma Yukihiko
Pairings/characters: Drew/May
Particulars: A5 / Copy / 22 pages

Summary: I'm not a Contestshipper. I just bought this for all two pages that Harley appears.

So this is an AU in which May is a princess (who is a bit of a tomboy), and Drew is the knight hired as her bodyguard. At first May is not too happy about having to be protected, but Drew grows on her eventually. She discovers that Drew likes roses and thinks that red ones suit him best, but there aren't any red roses in their garden - red roses are rare in their kingdom, apparently, so most are white are yellow. Soon after, Drew notices that May has been trying to sneak ou of the castle, and offers to look for whatever she's trying to find in her plaves, but she declines. Finally, Haruka manages to sneak to a florist in town and orders a red rose, which she gives to Drew as thanks for always being there for her. (May is unaware of the meaning of red roses.) Drew hugs her. YAY.

As I mentioned, not my choice of pairing, but the 4-koma at the end with cabinet minister Harley acting as May's fashion consultant made it all worth it.

Otoko Tsuwabuki Daigo no Yuuga na Ichinichi
An Elegant Day in the Life of the Manly Steven Stone

Published: 9/23/2007
Circle/artist: Shiomichinotama / Hinageshi Salt ; Mikazuki 69 / Murasaki
Pairings/characters: Steven/Ruby
Particulars: B5 / Offset / 32 pages


I don't know why I hate the pairing so much, there's really no reason why I should, but I DO. It might be that I'm just butthurt because so often when I go looking for Steven art I end up with Steven/Ruby shit and it's ANNOYING. BECAUSE IT IS EVERYWHERE.

Ironically enough, that is exactly what happened here. Because I'm sure you can guess that I wouldn't buy a Steven/Ruby doujinshi voluntarily. No, I was under the impression that this was just a straight-up Steven-centric book. LOLOLOL joke's on me

So this book is actually organized a bit differently from other collaboration books. Rather than each contributor drawing their own independent story, they drew this as a relay manga, taking turns drawing a couple pages of the story at a time. I would find it quite interesting if it weren't Steven/Ruby.

This story recounts a day in Steven's life. Obviously. He wakes up at 9 AM; he has the day off today. At 10 he feeds his Pokemon, and at 11 he has breakfast. At 1 PM he goes to the Pokemon League because he is bored, and the Elite Four get mad at him for coming by just to kill time. They don't have enough lunch to share with him so he leaves, at at 2 he leaves to search for rocks, imagining that Ruby comes to help him out. Unfortunately the cave he wants to search in is roped off due to rock slides, so at 5 PM he goes to stalk Ruby. Ruby gets annoyed at him for being a creepy lech and leaves. Steven comes to the conclusion that Ruby is being shy. At 6 PM Steven is being a little sulky when Wallace jumps out of the bushes in a Lopunny costume. Steven leaves before Wallace can really say much of anything. At 8 PM Steven comes home and fantasizes about Ruby a bit, and at 9 PM he has dinner. His Pokemon notice him feeling down so they all cheer him up. At 10 Steven takes a bath, and after that at 11 he sneaks into Ruby's house through the window. Three hours later Steven returns home, completely handwaving any details on how he worked up a sweat while spending time with Ruby, and he goes to bed, hoping that the next day will be a good day too.

Strawberry Paradox

Published: 9/23/2007
Circle/artist: StrawberryPopp. / sato
Pairings/characters: Steven/May
Particulars: B5 / Offset / 46 pages

Summary: Why can't I write short summaries of sato-san's books?

Strawberry Pollution

Published: 2/24/2008
Circle/artist: StrawberryPopp. / sato; Tohyama Shuri; Kawaraya; Ucchi
Pairings/characters: Steven/May
Particulars: A5 / Offset / 110 pages / R-15

Summary: Th-this is R-15? Then exactly what lines need to be crossed for something to be classified as R-18...?? (@///@)

Um, so. this book is comprised of two stories: a manga called "Delusion Hot Spring Special" by sato-san, and a fanfic called "Daybreak" written by Ucchi-san and illustrated by Kawaraya-san. (Tohyama-san, for those who are wondering, drew a couple of illustrations at the front and middle of the book.)

Delusion Hot Spring Special: Steven and May have been dating for an unspecified number of years (seriously, the number is censored out) but they haven't yet advanced to a physical relationship. Steven plans a trip for the two of them to a hot springs resort in Lavaridge. When talking to Flannery and Roxanne about the lack of progress in their relationship, Trollxanne suggests to May that Steven might be gay. May starts to see hints that it might be true in whatever Steven does, despite her advances. This culminates in her entering the hot springs naked while Steven is in there, and when he avoids her as best he can (because OSHIT HER DAD WILL KILL ME) she cries and tells Steven her worries and wants proof that he loves her more than anyone else and isn't gay. Then sex happens.

Daybreak: Several years have passed since Steven left the Hoenn region at the end of RSE. May, now in her early twenties, has quit Pokemon training and is now doing office work for a company in Rustboro (not Devon). While out for a night on the town with her coworkers, she happens to run into Steven at a bar, who has been called back by Wallace for some urgent business, but got stood up. The two of them spend the night drinking and reminiscing until the bar closes shop. Then they go outside and May reveals that she quit training because after Steven left, she lost her motivation. Then they are targeted by a gang of thugs who attack people with their Pokemon and then steal their money; Steven fights them off with his Metagross, and after some encouraging, May joins in with her Blaziken. After defeating the thugs, it begins to storm and they both get soaked, so they head to Steven's hotel room. May ends up spending the night while waiting for her clothes to dry, and they both confess their love for each other. Then sex happens.

Fun fact: in Daybreak, Steven specifically mentions Vermilion as one of the places he visited, even though this book was published more than a year and a half before HGSS was released.

Strawberry Package

Published: 12/28/2008
Circle/artist: StrawberryPopp. / sato; Tohyama Shuri; Kawaraya; Namiya; Rokko; Ucchi
Pairings/characters: Steven/May
Particulars: A5 / Offset / 68 pages

Summary: I originally had this one grouped with the anthologies, but it isn't an anthology, really... it's a collaboration book, which is different. Somehow. It's also not specifically labeled as a Steven/May book, but as a Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald fanbook... but the pairing of choice is more than obvious from the contents of the book (and from the back cover, which features an adorable crayon drawing of Steven using candy to lure May while hiding BDSM toys behind his back).

There isn't a coherent story throughout this one, just many small vignettes, and summarizing all of them would take way too long. The highlight of the book for me, however, is Tohyama-san's manga where May Digivolves her Blaziken and Ditto together to form MetalBlazikenmon.

Sono Kurayami o Mikubiruna
Don't Underestimate That Darkness

Published: 11/15/2009
Circle/artist: CHOMO
Pairings/characters: Steven/May
Particulars: A5 / Copy / 20 pages

Summary: I don't typically buy copy books - they seem cheap and not really worth the money it takes to import them - but my vow to buy any and every Steven/May doujinshi possible overrode that.

So the summary of this one: May confesses to Steven, to which he answers with a simple "thank you." Soon after, he leaves the Hoenn region, and everything reminds him of May for some reason - especially Lyra who he meets while in Kanto. After he returns to Hoenn, May comes to visit, and when he goes to fix something to eat Steven blows the circuit breaker. May is afraid of the dark, so her holds her close and hisses her. He tells her he loves her, and apologizes for being so late to answer her feelings.

Devil Made Me Do It

Published: 11/15/2009
Circle/artist: clunker / Kirino Tsukushi
Pairings/characters: Paul/Ash
Particulars: B5 / Offset / 18 pages

Summary: I don't generally ship Ash and Paul together romantically (though I absolutely adore their rivalry hnnnnnggggg). I'm not sure what made me stop and take a look at Tsukushi-san's table at Harucomi, but goddamn am I glad I did; she's now one of my favorite doujinshi artists. :D

So. Paul is trying to catch a Scizor when Ash, of course, gets in his way when he falls down a ledge. When Scizor attacks Paul's Magmortor, a speck of dust blows into Ash's eye, distracting Paul long enough for the Scizor to escape. Paul gets annoyed by Ash rubbing his eye so he lends Ash some eye medicine, but Ash isn't good at putting it in himself "because Brock always does it for me." Ash gets the bright idea to ask for Paul's help since Brock has yet to catch up, so Paul reluctantly does so, except then he is suddenly compelled to kiss Ash, which he does, OOPS. Ash, being the total derpface that he is, only cares that HEY THE DUST CAME OUT so Paul shoves him away and leaves. Once Brock and Dawn arrive, Ash is all like "hey Dawn what's that thing called where two people put their mouths together" and Dawn is like "what you mean a kiss?" So Ash ponders on that for several minutes before he finally realizes that, hey, maybe he should be pretty damn embarrassed.

de, dousuru?
So now what?

Published: 3/21/2010
Circle/artist: clunker / Kirino Tsukushi
Pairings/characters: Paul/Ash
Particulars: B5 / Offset / 22 pages

Summary: This book is the sequel to Magasashita above. It kind of has an unfinished feel to it, like there's more of a story to be told, but when I asked Tsukushi-san on Twitter she said she has no intent to continue it. Ah well. \o/

Ash and his friends have dropped off their Pokemon at the Pokemon Center and are discussing what their plans are to do in town, when Rhonda on the TV in the background mentions Lake Verity (Lake Shinji), startling Ash. He hurriedly rushes out, leaving Brock and Dawn behind all like lolwut.

Meanwhile, Paul is eating lunch outside when he ovehears a boy calling out to his Pikachu, causing him to jump nervously - like Ash, he is very over-aware of the other. Ash, who is walking along wondering about the kiss, unknowingly sits on the bench behind Paul and mutters aloud that he should try asking Paul what that was about. The two boys notice each other (Paul looking like a deer caught in the headlights), and Ash is like "oh hey Paul, btw do you love me?" Paul looks at him like he's a moron and walk off, so Ash follows him, and after literally crashing into him in an alleyway Paul is like "so what if I do?" In a move that is surprusingly mature but at the same time not, Ash calmly admits that he doesn't really know what love is - he loves Pikachu and his mom, and also Brock and Dawn, but he's not too sure about Paul. He asks Paul point-blank what love is, and Paul gets increasingly irritated at Ash before finally asking him what the hell he's trying to say to him. Ash is shocked, and then he hugs Paul tightly - and he refuses to let go, because he's too embarrassed to look Paul in the face.

Teach me!!

Published: 3/21/2010
Circle/artist: Jinmashin / Tetsuko
Pairings/characters: Gold/Silver
Particulars: B5 / Offset / 28 pages

Summary: I actually prefer Silver/Gold over Gold/Silver, but there's one problem: no one writes them in that order. (Except for my Twitter friend Kurohagi-san, whose works we will get to later.)

Anyway. This book has Silver wondering how babies are made, so he goes around asking all the other Pokedex holders, all in vain. (Blue freaks out, insisting that Silver is still too young to have children; Red very nearly tells him the truth, until he sees Blue glaring at him murderously so he claims to not know instead; Green just brushes him off; Yellow honestly doesn't know; Crys responds to the question by slapping Silver for asking her something so vulgar.) When Gold hears about what Silver has been asking, he decides to be a total troll. He kisses Silver and tells him that's how babies are made, even if both parties are male. Then he runs off, at which point Silver finds an egg. Silver pretty much freaks out in his own Silver-y way, and Gold comes back to pester him about it, until the egg hatches into an Eevee and Silver realizes (as Gold tries unsuccessfully to sneak away) that he just got punk'd.

vanilla salt

Published: 3/21/2010
Circle/artist: Pin
Pairings/characters: Gold/Silver; Steven/Ruby
Particulars: A5 / Offset / 24 pages


That said, this is pretty much just a Pokemon Special all characters gag book, with a little bit of Steven/Ruby and Gold/Silver mixed in. A bunch of little vignettes and 4-komas that I'm not going to bother to summarize. The little story(?) with the Sinnoh kids all taking a nap together is precious.

The Gold/Silver story has Silver wearing a scarf. I moe'd so hard.

Sweets Cafe

Published: 3/21/2010
Circle/artist: 4947 / Yakou Sei
Pairings/characters: Gold/Silver
Particulars: A5 / Offset / 16 pages

Summary: Little slice-of-life vignettes about Gold and Silver as a couple. Nothing to really write home about.

Huge Nuisance

Published: 3/21/2010
Circle/artist: Ultimate Zekkouchou / Anko
Pairings/characters: Barry/Paul + Reggie
Particulars: A5 / Offset / 24 pages

Summary: Little known fact: I kind of sort of ship Paul and Barry together a little.

So this book is pretty much totally ridiculous. Barry is rushing to the daycare on his bike, when he literally plows down Paul. Barry decides to do the totally producive thing and cry and scream over Paul as he bleeds to death from the huge gash on his head. Reggie comes by and saves the day, and he takes Paul home to bandage up his head. Reggie hates that Barry refers to him as "big brother" and refuses to give up Paul to be Barry's wife. Paul gets pissed off at the bickering and after yelling at them he passes out. While Reggie mourns the death of his brother (note: Paul is not dead) Barry finds this to be the perfect time to try and kiss Paul. Paul wakes up to Barry hovering over him and is about to leave in a huff, when Barry catches his arm and kisses him for real. Barry drags Paul off to battle and Reggie is left behind just standing around like a moron the end.

Shironohi, Oden
White Day, Ignitionshipping

Published: 3/21/2010
Circle/artist: Hosimisaki / Rumi
Pairings/characters: Flint/Volkner
Particulars: A5 / Offset / 22 pages

Summary: Something feels wrong about translating "Oden" as "Ignitionshipping" but that is essentially the direct equivalent.

Volkner promised to go to the villa with Flint, but it's been three days and he hasn't shown up, so Flint goes to Volkner's apartment to see what's going on. Volkner comes out and hugs Flint, exclaiming that he's so glad to see him... because Volkner got way too many chocolates for Valentine's Day and he needs help eating them all. After the chocolates are all devoured, Flint discovers that Volkner has no intention to give the girls gifts in return for White Day. Flint slaps Volkner with his suspenders for this, then drags him to the department store and makes him buy good White Day gifts - they have to be GOOD ONES. (Flint is so adamant about this because he gave Cynthia a half-assed White Day gift the year before and paid for it with his life. Almost.) At the end of the day, Volkner gives Flint some chocolates as thanks for spending the day with him. THE END.

Part 2

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  1. Space Opera's Avatar
    (Strawberry Pollution is one of the best things I've ever read)
  2. H.M's Avatar
    Hnnng, another Pokemon doujin collector~! ( ノ´∀`)ノ That is a really nice collection you have there!

    I actually have a copy of "Strawberry Paradox" myself: http://i755.photobucket.com/albums/xx195/mignon_ette/poke-doujins1-fixed.jpg
    How many more douijns do you have?
  3. Umeko's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by H.M
    Hnnng, another Pokemon doujin collector~! ( ノ´∀`)ノ That is a really nice collection you have there!

    I actually have a copy of "Strawberry Paradox" myself: http://i755.photobucket.com/albums/xx195/mignon_ette/poke-doujins1-fixed.jpg
    How many more douijns do you have?
    Oh, I think I recognize that art style on the left! Is that a book by Nanzoya Shinshu-shiten?

    I have a lot more doujinshi than this; this is maybe a quarter of my collection (as far as Pokemon goes, at least). I'll post the rest before long, but I didn't want to clog up the blogs too much!
  4. Archaic's Avatar
    The only Pokémon doujin I have are actual physical copies of "Takeshi no Mousou Diary" and "PM Gals!". Bought them from Gambler Club at their Comike table back in 2004. ^^;;;
  5. H.M's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Umeko
    Oh, I think I recognize that art style on the left! Is that a book by Nanzoya Shinshu-shiten?

    I have a lot more doujinshi than this; this is maybe a quarter of my collection (as far as Pokemon goes, at least). I'll post the rest before long, but I didn't want to clog up the blogs too much!
    Oh wow, I forgot about this blog entry. orz
    And yes, "013" is from Nanzoya. :D


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