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best/worst of each type ghost

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here is the ghost type!

best chandelure

its chandelure! anyway before the 5th generation. The tittle of highest special attack was held by both Alakazam and Porygon-Z. But then Chandelure came to play. Its high special Attack plus decent defenses makes it a good choice in battle, its not the fastest pokemon but it isn't the slowest thing around. It has a broad move pool and shadow tag as a dw abilety andit looks absolutely awesome.


its sableye! Sableye is the first pokemon without a weakness and a good dw abilety and a nice design abilety well that where the only good things for it Mediocre attack and defenses plus lack luster move pool

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  1. Ghetsis-Dennis's Avatar
    Chandelure's cool and all, but Gengar has one thing he doesn't: Focus Blast. A move he lacks to cover dark types like Hydreigon.
  2. shadow the hedgehog6's Avatar
    but chandelure has energy ball good for water types
    Updated 10th November 2011 at 09:51 AM by shadow the hedgehog6 (vm me obout it)
  3. Ghetsis-Dennis's Avatar
    That's one thing Chandelure has over Gengar, though he does have thunderbolt to cover water types.
  4. 투 애니원's Avatar
    Sabelye...worst. Hell noooo.
  5. shadow the hedgehog6's Avatar
    well this is based partly on my opinion
  6. Malva's Avatar
    Chandelure is my personal favorite ghost, and Sableye my least, so I'm good with your choices, although I've never used Sableye so I can't really say if he's good or not.

    I thought Gengar could learn Energy Ball??!
  7. Space Opera's Avatar
    Sableye was seen as having a shallow movepool [i]before it got Prankster[/i]. It has priority Recover, priority status-inducing moves, now, and is anything [i]but[/i] useless or the "worst" Ghost-type. It's amazingly useful.
  8. Mijzelffan's Avatar
    How about you actually try your hand at competative battling before you make blogs like this? Sableye is probably the best ghost type. Chandelure sucks without Shadow Tag.
  9. shadow the hedgehog6's Avatar
    @thats why i stopped happy?


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