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This is Real Life


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My dad got me what I have wanted forever.
A Box of Crayola Crayons. No, not just any box of Crayola Crayons, a 120 count box of crayons.
I spent the entire afternoon orginizing the whole thing in raindow order because they just put the colors in randomly.
Now you may be asking, Why are you so excited, you insane person, over crayons of all things?
Well, I'm obssessed with art suplies. I'll admit it. I love buying new pencils and love sharpening them. For my birthday I got colorful pipe cleaners, and I used to collect markers and soon owned every single color under the sun. Then I moved on to crayons, My dad never bought me the 120 count, he said I had to settle with the 52.
We are all a little OCD in my family and easily distracted by funy sounding colors, (I have a freaking crayon called antique bass, and wisteria, and piggy pink, and pacific blue, and inchworm....) except my dad. Who litsened to us yell out every single crayon color as we orginized. He said he wasted five bucks so we could see the funny names.
Sunset Orange people!

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  1. League's Avatar
    I'dda went alphabetical.
  2. Pandaun's Avatar
    That's freaking awesome! I have a lot of coloring pencils, and my favorite of all is one titled "Prussian Blue" because... well, Prussia is not even a country anymore XD
  3. mewstone's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by League
    I'dda went alphabetical.
    I find it easier to find colors my way due to not knowing every single color's name off the top of my head yet


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