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Dear God...

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Not like it's a surprise or anything, but apparently PETA is suing SeaWorld for "keeping whales in slavery, disregarding their rights."

Um, would you rather they be released into the wild, knowing nothing about survival w/o human aid and most likely die, or be kept in "bondage" by "evil human masters" that pamper them and goive 'em a life wild whales would kill for?

tl;dr: Hey Stan, shut the f--k up .

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  1. Ghetsis-Dennis's Avatar
    Marine mammals in captivity is really controversial as it is believed that it'll decrease a whale's lifespan, unlike other animals in captivity, mess up their ecolocation, and ruin their dorsal fins due to how small the tanks are (They should at least try to make them bigger and deeper to solve that issue).
  2. Catilena1890's Avatar
    PETA is nothing but a power-hungry crack group who are trying to dictate how we should live and think. They don't really care about animals, they just want to control people. I love animals, and I want to help animals out of cruel situations, but I like meat, I will eat meat, it is good for me, and F**k them for trying to make me vegan.

    As for their little stunt with seaworld, I say it's all a publicity stunt. SeaWorld does their best to ensure the safety and health of ANY animal they care for, and they make efforts into trying to get the conservation message out.
  3. Zeb's Avatar
    Um, would you rather they be released into the wild, knowing nothing about survival w/o human aid and most likely die
    What about the ones that aren't in captivity? Shall we just put them in captivity to "pamper" them? I have to say no, personally. bIt's not just about the ones that are currently in captivity, you have to look at the broader scale. Whales aren't meant to be locked up in small tanks of water, they are meant to swim in the entire ocean.

    I know nothing of this story but, to me, whales shouldn't be kept in captivity unless it's for some really good reason and not for humans' entertainment (like Seaworld).

    Shall we start locking humans into tiny rooms for the rest of their life? I mean, aslong as we "pamper" them, that's perfectly fine, right? I'm pretty sure you would be complaining about rights if you were forced to live in one room for the rest of your life; pampered or not, it wasn't your choice. Some parents go to prison for locking their children in basements and shit like that. How is that any different than keeping a whale in a tank for its life? Ok, they probably didn't pamper them, but they were still incarcerated against their will.

    I'm not trying to be some animal rights spokesperson, but you really need to sit back and take a look from a different perspective because the majority of humans are just hypocrits; when humans are imprisoned it's negative - prison (a punishment), child abuse, kidnap (both against the person's will) etc etc - but when animals are locked up for the rest of their lives it's perfectly fine and we can all have good fun at Sea World watching them swin in circles and do tricks (while they slowly go insane - exaggeration).

    I think I went slightly overboard with this post lol.

    Edit: This isn't meant to be argumentative post, btw.
    Updated 27th October 2011 at 05:28 PM by Zeb
  4. Kars's Avatar
    God its like the whole "we shouldnt eat meat because its made from dead animals"

    The animals are feed and sheltered. in exchange people get to awe at the creatures.

    If people are worried about animals being 'mistreated' then there should be random inspections to check up on it.


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