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Life of a Former Insurgent

I officially retire from stalking

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I've had enough. Already there has been 3-4 people who complained I stalk them too much. Now I hath declared myself to be formally retired from my duties as a stalker, for the benefit of various people whom I stalked, @TheCapsFan, @Lucario Girl, just to name the few, and the rest who complains that I stalk too much shall no longer complain. This shall satisfy you lot.

Happy now? If you made an ubiquitous blog about "Post in my blog and get a comment", and I happen to post there, I will not hear a word about me stalking, unless you've made a truthful statement about how I'm a stalker in the past. So long, stalking duties. Hereby I dismiss myself as a stalker, sacrifice my dismal position for the benefit of people. Do svidaniya and auf wiedersehen.

Hereth lies the man who had embraced stalking
For he shall take none, no longer shall he forbear
To thine be his eventful life of daily skulking
3 seasons of stalking hath he endured the overbearance


The calming, cooling, composed lake
I sat near the grassy hill feeling the breeze
From the lake of memories, for the sake
I recomposed my former self until my mind freeze

3 seasons ago hath time moved so quickly
Fine be the day I moved around the lay
But all I did was to wander and view swiftly
Humans always interest me, like the fabled fay

Looking around, two people hath I've seen
Greeting greeting it caught my attention
Until several days I watched I've been
Was my observance be accounting my retention

Twas not the only two I've recounted
Many more had I saw budding roses
For it was a long night I had sheep counted
To most I was a nuisance, to them I poses

Whenever I scroll, whenever I take a trip
Down the memory lane I go, never too dull
Those same two people had I recall, made a quip
Forced me to acquit, them two I must cull

The tumor had grown, the problem had spread
Too infamous I had mostly become, what am I
Until one day I sealed the oath I had read
Fading memories will forever be my mind high

Calming, cooling, passive lake, you are one only
I had associated, we had a nice trip down
the memory lane, so long my former, I am awry
But there will no change, for my past was blown

Neltharion Spearheart Deathwing AKA Nelthy

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Updated 28th September 2011 at 10:29 AM by Neltharion S. Deathwing



  1. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
    You stalked people?
  2. Kyumorph's Avatar
  3. Froakie's Avatar
    Stalking as in how?
  4. Neltharion S. Deathwing's Avatar
    Refer to my friend, TheCapsFan. He knows me.
  5. Nour386's Avatar
    real life or forums? pika or pi?
  6. TheCapsFan's Avatar
    Yeah, yeah. Throw it on me, will ya.
  7. Serperiority's Avatar
    Okay that's settled, but first:

    *Takes out contract*

    Sign here x_________ verifying that you won't stalk anymore.
  8. yourlilemogirl's Avatar
    What is this madness?
  9. AlexandraTheZoroark's Avatar
    Uh, there's no space in my username. . .


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