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Wiley Willy

Out of Bordeom I have created my own Gen 6 Pokemon Game.

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Pokemon; Urban Gray and Tropical Pink

The Region Janapsa is a region that is split into two main Islands that are seperated by a large Sea that provides water routes between the two islands. However there is also an airport that can be used to travel between the two continents, as like Johto and Kanto, they are separated from directly flying across. Janapsa West and Janapsa East.

Janapsa West is a fully industrialized island that is run by humans and is very updated in technology. With a large population of people the Pokemon on Janapsa West are more adapted to living alongside humans and surviving in an Urban culture. A lot of the pokemon on this island are bred and used for construction, manufacturing, technological discovery, and for making peoples lives much easier. Some would say that these pokemon are in general more efficient. The Weather here is often Clear Skies, Rain (for short periods of time), and Snow. However there is a very harsh desert area that has continuous Sand Storms.

Janapsa East is a tropical island with little to no humans. It has a very small human population and has a couple observational laboratories and some small encampments. Most of the area is all trails, forests, swamps, and beaches. There is also a Volcano in East Janapsa.
The pokemon on this island tend to be much wilder and tend to have more tropical color schemes as well as are more dependent on their natural surroundings instead of depending on humans.
A lot of the pokemon on this island are found to not evolve.
There are some Swamp and Forest areas that have continuous rain that never stops. There are also areas that have continuously bright sun and arid atmosphere. It never snows on this island and although the beaches are sandy there are never any Sand Storms.

Janapsa Sea is the sea that connects the two islands. There are three main villages that reside along the sea. One is a large sand bar that just so happens to have a large village residing on it, it is also located right in the middle of the whole region. This large village tends to receive the benefits of both islands and also is the home for the Pokemon League. This is also the middle town that you have to fly to as a go between for the two islands. The other two towns are minor villages that you may visit but each have a gym.

Gym Leaders:
The set up for Gym Leaders is quite different this time around. I have set it up so that there are 9 possible gym badges, just to change it up and provide an interesting story line for the gym leaders.
Although there are the proper amount of gym badges obtainable which is 8, there is a large rivalry between two different trainers.
There were originally 8 gym leaders, but one of the gym leaders retired and passed his gym title onto his Son and Daughter. The gym leader had planned that they would work together as brother and sister to create the perfect last gym. However, His son fell in love with the industrial ways of Janapsa West. He mastered in the Steel type and wanted to convert his sister into respecting the ways of the Steel type pokemon. As for his Daughter she fell in love with the all natural ways of Janapsa East. She mastered in the Grass type and wanted to prove to her brother that Grass was the natural way to go. Obviously sibling rivalry occurs. So they both open up a Gym, one on a small village in the Janapsa Sea nearest to Janapsa West which the son runs steel type, and the other gym on a village in Janapsa Sea nearest to Janapsa East where the daughter runs grass type.
You meet the two rivaling siblings throughout your adventures, both helping you in different ways and trying to convince you that they are the superior gym leader.
By the time you get to the last badge, you have to choose between obtaining the badge for the Son or the daughter. Either way you get 8 badges.
However after you beat the Elite four and obtain the National Dex, both the Son and the Daughter bond once more when they discover the Pokemon that they both love “Ferrothorn”. They then become a Duo instead of separate and they give you the otherwise unobtainable 9th badge after you challenge them to a tough Steel and Grass combo double battle. All of their pokemon are above level 70.

The set up other wise for gyms is:
1: Ground – West Janapsa
2: Fight – West Janapsa
3: Psychic – West Janapsa
4: Dark – West Janapsa
5: Water – East Janapsa
6: Poison – East Janapsa
7: Fire – East Janapsa
8: Steel – Janapsa Sea (or) Grass – Janapsa Sea

Legendary Pokemon:
The Legends here are guardians of the Islands separate populations.

Urbnasix: The guardian of West Janapsa is a Steel type that supports the industrial growth and survival of human population. It is said that it is a guardian of humans that has protected humans from the dangers of nature. This pokemon is much harder to catch in “Tropical Pink” and may flee only to be found as a traveling pokemon.

Trobinus: The guardian of East Janapsa is a Grass type that supports the feral lifestyles of wild pokemon. It is said that it is very persistent on caring for other pokemon rather than humans and has always provided the correct natural resources for pokemon. This pokemon is much harder to catch in “Urban Gray” and may flee only to be found as a traveling pokemon.

Climasis: The mediating Legend lives in the Janapsa Sea. It is found in a secret underwater ruin. It is summoned as a pokemon to stop the feuding when one of the guardian legends is caught. It is Fire and Ice type. It is a legendary pokemon that is said to be capable of controlling all the climate of the region. It is the pokemon that makes the region able to be lived on in the first place. Also it has a cool ability called, Climate Control: This ability allows the weather to be randomly changed to any weather status. Weather Status's include: Heavy Rain, Harsh Sun, Hail, Sand Storm, and Clear Skies. Although it appears for the storyline after catching one of the two guardians, it's impossible to catch unless you have both in your party.

Bernebi: The secret Legendary is a Psychic and Dark Pokemon. This pokemon is considered to be evil and powerful. It is a pokemon that is being sought after by the main villain of the story who manages to harness the pokemon and uses it against you in the final battle, but when the battle ends (when you win, the legendary pokemon turns all of the villains pokemon evil and opens up a dark dimension where he drags the villain into it along with his pokemon. After this event the pokemon is never seen again.
This pokemon can be unlocked with a Celebi event, due to Celebi and this pokemon are sworn enemies. (Bernebi has a special Move only he can learn called Three Wishes, It's an attack that deals damage, recovers 50% of damage dealt and also boosts Prize Money won. {Power, Health, Wealth})

Edit: Extra Legend/Event Pokemon:

Paratsy: This Event pokemon was inspired by "Titanium Baseball Bat's" suggestion for a birthday event. This pokemon is the Celebration Pokemon. It is only catch-able on your birthday, and it can be found in your house as a stationary Legend. It is Normal and Fire type. It has the special ability: "Party Invite", This ability makes it so that when it's health is below 30% it will switch with another pokemon in your team and pass on all stat changes to that pokemon. It also has a special move called "Party Favor", this move effects both you and your opponent. It has a 50% chance of raising one random stat, a 25% chance of healing half of your HP, and a 25% chance of causing burn.

Stereotypical Grass, Water, and Fire starters with a slight twist at the end.

Grass starter will start out as a simple grass pokemon, but by the time it hits its final evolution it is a Grass and Psychic type.

Water starter will start out as a simple water pokemon but by the time it hits its final evolution it is a Water and Fight type.

Fire starter will start out as a simple fire pokemon but by the time it hits its final evolution it is a Fire and Dark type.

The Villains I plan will be particularly nasty. Going back to the classic Mobster sort of style but they have a universal sort of plan.
The Villains will be led by a single crime boss who runs a popular scandal. The team is called “Team Nova”. The Boss, runs as a secret identity. His name is Percy but he hides his Identity as Boss Nova.
Percy is a very powerful trainer who beat the Elite four 10 years ago and has not been beaten since. He has collected a lot of money over time from trainers he has beaten and also he runs a charity fund to supposedly help injured pokemon.
You meet Percy from the beginning of the game and he is believed to be a very nice and polite trainer. He helps you out with a lot of different things, but he suspiciously disappears when ever Boss Nova appears. He actually uses the money given to him in Charity and that he wins through the league to fund his Evil team.
He believes in an old Legend about an amazingly powerful pokemon that was said to be capable of granting any three wishes that you wanted. He began breaking into museums and ruins and stealing information about this pokemon under the name and disguise of “Boss Nova”
He plans on using the separation between Janapsa West and East as a way to create chaos between the Guardian Pokemon. Supposedly when enough Chaos is created to threaten a universal balance it attracts Bernebi to it's source.
Boss Nova begins to create Industrialization in East Janapsa while as Percy begins to start a “Pokemon Preservation Program” to help allow Tropical Pokemon migration into West Janapsa.
The work done this way creates a disturbance in the balance between West and East Janapsa and awakenes the two guardian pokemon.

Although Percy seems to be doing the right thing in preserving the pokemon in West Janapsa and encouraging the raising of East Janapsa Pokemon in the West, it isn't realized that he is actually causing trouble in this balance. Throughout the game, your character is okay with this charity preservation.

After beating the Elite Four, you are about to go to fight Percy the Champion but he meets you after you beat the fourth Elite Four Member, he informs you that Boss Nova is doing terrible things in East Janapsa, so you leave and head off to East Janapsa. Percy tells you he will handle it from his place in West Janapsa.
When you go to East Janapsa you fight through Nova grunts but you don't see Boss Nova any where you shut down his Industrialization of East Janapsa. This awakens Trobinus.
Then back in West Janapsa, you get a call from Percy, he tells you that Boss Nova has taken over his facility and is doing evil things with his facility. You fight your way to the top through the Nova grunts until you get to the top. You see Percy sitting in a throne like chair and he laughs at you. He has deceived you throughout the game, used you for doing various things to unlock his goal. He corners you with grunts, but your Rival and the two sibling gym leaders come in and help you.
Urbnasix is now awakened. Percy/Boss Nova escapes once more. An epic battle scene begins showing Urbnasix and Trobinus fighting each other right in front of the Pokemon League. You have to run to the Secret underwater ruins to awaken Climasis.

Percy goes to the middle island where the Guardians are fighting. A giant dark portal opens up and Bernebi appears from it smiling. Climasis finally get's involved and quells the rage between the fighting guardians. Percy beckons to Bernebi and it puts itself in a black pokeball and floats down to Percy. Percy now has Bernebi in his team. Now you fight the epic battle against Percy. (If you lose this battle you'll lose a lot of money due to Bernebi's “Three Wishes” attack.)
When you defeat Percy, he gets upset and starts yelling about how he's the only great trainer. Bernebi comes out of it's strange pokeball, and opens up a dark portal, it slips into the portal. Percy yells back to it to come back to him, how he deserves to have control over Bernebi. Right before the portal closes a long dark shadowy hand comes out and grabs hold of Percy and drags him into the dark portal. When Percy dissapears, you see Bernebi's red menacing eyes glowing in the darkness and it's toothy smile. The portal closes and you don't see Percy or Bernebi again.

Now you may redo the Pokemon League and fight your rival who has become the Champion.
You may also now catch the Legends.

If you do the Celebi event for Bernebi, you find out the story behind what happened to Percy, you learn about how Celebi and Bernebi are counterparts and sworn enemies. After catching/fainting Bernebi, you free Percy who is grateful for your help and then is arrested by the authorities.

The Rival:
The rival is always the opposite gender of you. I liked the idea of the Rival having a crush on the main character but also is sort of in denial about it. So the rival tends to be very aggressive in battling you and dealing with you, but in various moments in the storyline shows a sort of attraction to your character. Also I wanted to add a part of the story where the Rival gets captured by Team Nova, and when you rescue them they show obvious attraction for your character. Obviously it never really develops into anything, but it's always fun to have that in there just to show there is an interest. Just no gushy love, because the Rival is aggressive and very strong each time you battle him/her.

Extra Cool Stuff:
So I really wanted to play on the themes of the Urban side versus the Tropical side of the Continent. So I wanted to have some pokemon that only evolve in certain area conditions. For instance a Pokemon from West Janapsa that only evolves when you train it in East Janapsa and another pokemon that's vice versa. Also I wanted a Pokemon that would start out as a Normal type, if you evolved it in West Janapsa it evolves into a Normal and Steel type, if you evolve it in East Janapsa it evolves into a Normal and Grass type, if you evolve it in the Janapsa Sea it evolves into a Normal and Water type.

In Urban Gray vs. Tropical Pink, they have version specific pokemon based on wether you got Pink or Gray.

A large portion of the pokemon in East Janapsa do not evolve, and most of the pokemon in West Janapsa evolve multiple times.

After you beat your Rival as the Champion of the Pokemon League you unlock a special Trainer Card that says “Janapsa Grand Champion”. This allows you a set of privileges that you didn't have before. It allows you the chance to refight all of the Gym Leaders and Elite Four over again, however all of their pokemon are above Level 70. With the “Janapsa Grand Champion” title you now have the ability to go to the Pokemon League any time you want and defend your title as the Pokemon Champion. This means that you may fight a series of Pokemon trainers that have pokemon above Level 70. However if you lose in one of these matches, you lose your title and have to fight the league all over again as well as fight the guy who beat you over again to regain your title.
You also unlock what is called challenger mode on your trainer card. You may turn this on and off as you please, where all the trainers you fight in the pokemon league, the elite four, and even re-fighting the gym leaders all have level 100 pokemon.

When you carry a Legend in your team NPC's take notice and may give you gifts or say different dialogue because of having a Legend on your team.

You may allow your pokemon to follow behind you by going into the game options menu and toggling it on or off.

Your main character may now customize his/her clothes, this will show on your game sprites, your trainer card and online interactions. You may buy various different clothing at the Mall in West Janapsa.

You can transfer over your pokemon from 5th and 4th generation games.

There would be various events that occur when having different legends on your game, but I don't want to take all the time to write out all the individual events for each legend.

TM's are Reusable once more, also Move Tutors can still be payed with rare Heart Scales, or you can pay large amounts of in game money to move tutor a pokemon. Whichever is easier, being rich or collecting many heart scales.

The original Pokemon Contests have returned, the champions Pokemon Contest is located secretly in East Janapsa. Pokeathalon has also returned. Battle Tower is back!

Compatible with Dream World. In West Janapsa, there is a Pokemon Sleep Research facility which once registered allows you access to the Dream World. Putting Pokemon to sleep can be accessed from the Wifi menu on your Menu Device. The Entralink is located in East Janapsa.

Your Bottom screen holds all your basic menu commands including a new Wifi menu which allows you to put pokemon to sleep and also allows you to do Wifi Trades as well as Wifi Battles any where you want.

Just like Generation 5, you can register multiple items in the Y menu.

Random Wifi battles returns with normal 6vs6 match ups. 3vs3 is still available.

Creating Bases has returned from RSE! You may build your Secret Base anywhere you want. You may spend money on buying furniture for your secret base. You may also buy a Villa in either West Janapsa, East Janapsa, or a Private Beach Villa on the Janapsa Sea. You are allowed one Secret Base and one Villa. You also have two boxes added to your PC called Base Box and Villa Box. Both of these boxes can hold up to 6 pokemon, when you enter your Secret Base or Villa, these pokemon can be found roaming around inside the villa or base.

VS Seeker has returned!

International Gym System:

I came up with a new feature. It's called "International Gym System". The International Gym System allows you to choose a Pokemon type and design a team for it using the type as a Gym Leader. After building your Gym team you must do a few battles against NPC's to demonstrate your strategies in battling and then submit your Gym design online. People can then battle against your gym by downloading it to their game.

When designing your team you must have a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6. If you choose 4 or less pokemon for your team they must all be of the chosen typing for your gym (Dual typing is obviously allowed), if you have 5 or 6 pokemon on your team you are required to make at least 4 of them the required type of your gym, pokemon 5 and 6 are allowed to be any type you choose. (This allows minor weakness covering.) However, you are not allowed to have duplicates of the same pokemon or the same item.

You may also pick up to 3 NPC's to battle for your Gym. You can pick what kind of trainers they are (Lass, Rich Boy, Ace Trainer, etc..). Their names will be randomly chosen, and the pokemon they play are picked based on your Gym type. They may be easy to beat. However, if your Gym's reputation grows online, your Gym trainers may become tougher to beat.

You are allowed to log onto the pokemon website and look up the top gyms all around the world and you may download them one at a time through the Dream World. After downloading the Gym you will have continuous access to it in the Entralink until a new Gym is downloaded. You own personal gym is also saved in the Entralink as well and you can go into it at any time so that you may change anything at any time, however if you change anything about your gym it will be considered a gym redesign and your previous gym will be overwritten as well as lose it's previous reputation. You can only have one gym at a time.

You can design your own badge by picking from a set of Badge shapes and then you may draw your badge design on the touch pad or you may pick from some already made badge designs.
Your Pokemon Online profile holds a trainer page especially for you that lists off every badge you own from the International Gym System. It will tell you each Badge name, the creator of that badge and how many times you have beaten that badge. Your Profile will also tell you what the most popular gyms are to download and play against. Also you can label if a gym is Hard or Easy based on your challenge against it.

You are also allowed to download one homemade badge from your profile that you have won from an online Gym. Can be used for bragging rights. Also your trainer card on your game will show your personal Gym Badge on your card with the title "(Insert type.) Gym Leader of the (Insert Badge Name)". People will see this in online interactions and can reference it to download your personal Gym.

[...To be continued]

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  1. GengarEatBanana's Avatar
    Wow, you put a lot of effort into this. I really like the idea. Keep up the good work!
  2. Space Opera's Avatar
    I absolutely love this. A rival that's attracted to you is something I've wanted for a while now, and I really like the idea of the two sibling Gym Leaders. The details you've gone into is amazing.

    Seeing as you've gone into that much detail, why not mention things like events that happen on the player's birthday, like we get in games at the moment? Your Rival having a weak moment and giving a huge hint towards attraction to the character could be cute.


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