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(Message originally posted by League on 21st October 2011 at 03:34 AM. This is effectively post #011. Message moved for purposes of League.)

(This post was originally made 10/21/2011 @ time am... [<-- standard clarification for reviews] This post is a "Project" post of League's and is as such far from complete [<--standard clarification for ongoing projects].)

Despite having never played Black/White for any significant amount of time, I am here speculating as to what path Gray Version may take regarding many significant things such as the Tao Trio, N, Ghetsis, and the player character himself; and I am also proposing potential paths of my own, of course. I'm doing such on my blog, because I don't feel like seizing/spamming this thread with my own ideas. (As well, I think I'd like to note that I love speculating about pokemon--when a new generation is new on the wind, there's starter pokemon and legendary pokemon to think about; a little more along the way, and there will be new sprites to speculate about; when information about the Japanese versions becomes known, there's the English version to speculate about--names to guess about and to offer English counterparts for... yep, I love speculating about pokemon.)

"Gray" was chosen over "grey" as the word is currently spelled that way in the games. I would've preferred "Grey" though.


Project Gray!

Mascots/Theme Colors: The opposite of gray is black and white--so the background of the 3rd versions box would be black and white, in some form of another--otherwise, various shades of gray would litter the box. The mascot[s] appearing on Grey would be one of two things: Kyurem, or... appearing once again, both Reshiram and Zekrom!

Gray's Plot

Gray's Plot Differences with B/W

Gray's B/W Plot Retention
Important Differences--

Gray's Plot Additions to B/W

Gray's Features

Gray's Pokemon
546 Cottonee--
548 Petilil--


Black and White, Reconstructed Dialogue:


Gray, Theoretical[?] Dialogue

Seven Sages--Bulbapedia,
Team Plasma--Bulbapedia, Serebii,
B/W Version Exclusives--Serebii
(Generally, listed in order of importance, strange as that may sound.)


Well, this is my Project Gray: my knowledge of Black and White is generally low as I have almost no experience playing the games. I could use [a little bit of] help setting dialogues in order--dialogue is to be sorted chronologically/by event. Setting myths and events in the game in order would be nice as well: accounts of these things or links would be appreciated. Lastly, ideas as to how Gray should unfold will be appreciated as well.

Time to eat, nom nom.

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