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Life of a Former Insurgent

Your comment on your comment

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AKA, your comments if you post on my last blog.

@Croag: First one to post! Gratz! Anyway, I love your avatars and your profile picture, and you seem to be perceptive of people's blogs. You like posting in everyone's blogs now do ya? Keep updating your avatars! Oh, and you look good in real life, too. Have fun!

@TheCultOfGoldHeart: I remember you used to be called DarkSydeHeart or something like that. Your username always has hearts in it... well, I don't see you around that often, though I think I remember you back then.

@Clowncrete: Ahh, my friend in Leafy Turtwig. You're very good at debating, and you seem to be a good competitive battler as well. We should battle some time if I decide to play pokemon once again XD Well, you're a nice guy, and you sometimes get too serious on chatboxes, but I don't mind. Some people are too light hearted anyway DX You're an Indian, but your English makes it sound like you're American. Well, don't dwell on that. This is the beauty of the internet: we are a united family of different countries. You used to be called Rutvik, and your dragonite is your most memorable avatar. Have fun battling! Keep the winning streak ;) Loosen up sometime. Dismissed.

@GatoRage: Your offer was rejected. Instead, you have 2 comments in my blog, which means double the fun!

Your comics are awesome, by the way. I was expecting some more awesomeness and that you could harvest likes like Draco Man with his blogs, but you seem to stop the progress for now :(. Well that's all right, your comics are funny enough. You live in Iceland, which has one of the most unique languages on Earth. I will expect more on your comics! I even saved it on my computer XD

@Zenax: Your suggestion was rejected. Instead, you have been commented here, ponytaboi. You used to be called Taio, which is an epic name, but Zenax is cooler. Your most epic name, however, is "A Pimp Named Zenax" which lasted for a few hours -__- I was going to ask for an article about me, but you got too much work anyway. I'll wait until you're done with most people. You might be an editor one day or even a cowboy. You look great on real life too! Cool glasses XD

@gaarasword: Shooting quasar dragon? Now you're talking! That thing is a beast o_O This is why we main CED, guys XD You joined in 2009, a few months after I joined, which makes you a veteran yourself. However, I don't see you around except in the F&G section. Keep on being epic! SHINKURO SHOUKAN, SHOOTING QUASAR DORAGON!! XD

@Jax: Jax? Isn't that the guy from Mortal Kombat? Anyways, you post sometimes in the TG, and that's fine. And yes, Whksadjfksadjklfjslkddjflkasfdjlfkjd counts. Keep being epic, yo.

@ghaskan: Derp. Anyway, you're one of my friends back then in 2009-2010 era, before you were promoted to super mod. You have perfect English, and back then, you used to post in the F&G section often, but now you never seem to post there :( Well, you play Warcraft, which is one of the best games ever. You're friendly, and I hope we can talk about Warcraft more someday XD

@Serperior99: Ahh, here's the only Asian I know here that doesn't live in Asia. You come from the Philippines, which is a great place. I've been to Cebu and Bohol, have you been there? Filipinos are friendly :3 You seem to care a lot about your blogs, which is a good thing, but sometimes you get on my nerves. Nevertheless, you post a lot in the F&G section, and I appreciate that. However, your presence is not enough to warrant a ping pong game =( Oh well, keep on being good friends with Aori, your amigo amiga XD You're sometimes a bit... serious though. Lighten up sometime and keep on being the Californian Serperior that you are! XD

@Bulba_Panda: Do I remember you from last time? I think you also friended me back then @.@. Are you a loner at school? You seem to be asking for social help from us XD Well, we'll help you any time. Keep on cementing friendships in real life, and talk often! Being a loner is for someone like me :P Keep on being epic!

@yourlilemogirl: You're a bit late =/ But nevertheless you get one since I'm a nice guy. Anyway, you're a nice person whom I met a long, long time ago. You seem to be good friends with Golden Muk, and I even thought you people are more than friends at one point XD You really like giving out likes, I even see you posting likes whenever I did not expect them o_O Keep on talking with Golden Muk, and have fun. Dismissed!

End of comment. Want another one? Comment on this blog VM me, and I'll comment on you personally :P

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Updated 10th October 2011 at 07:45 AM by Neltharion S. Deathwing



  1. Lord Clowncrete's Avatar
    awww..that was sweet.
  2. Froakie's Avatar
    Fun fun fun fun! I practically live in the blog section :P
    Thanks for your comments, I really appreciate them.
  3. Sushi-X's Avatar
    Lol yeah... I post in TG when I can ^^;

    and thanks!
  4. GatoRage's Avatar
    Yeah, I kind of prematurely blew my load with those comics :/
    I'll make more when I get some ideas.
  5. TheCapsFan's Avatar
    Awww shit I forgot to comment
  6. ghaskan's Avatar
    I still post in F&G... well, sometimes. :P
    Thank ye' fer the comment!
  7. Serperiority's Avatar
    Thank you Nelthy! Great opinion on me. and no, I've never been to Cebu or Bohol, or anywhere outside of Luzon island (I was born in Manila). And sorry for getting on your nerves sometimes. And as we say in California, rock on bro!
  8. Durbe's Avatar
    I'm also at the trade center sometimes, but I like that you said that Shooting Quasar Dragon is a beast.


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