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(because we all need one of these.)
1. If they're going make RSE remakes this generation, will they make remakes of FR LG? Remakes of remakes?
I wonder how that'd work out? Will they even make RSE remakes? If they do, what will they add to it?
2. If pokemon keeps going, we'll have to have a pokemon numbered 666. What will that pokemon be like? Will it be a devil-like creature, or just a normal pokemon? Will it be used in creepypastas a lot? (That's probably certain, actually)
If it is a devil pokemon, how many places will pokemon then be banned in? Will pokemon be sued? Will it be taken down? Will pokemon then become a thing of the past, never to be seen again?
3. Will they bring back pokemon contests in the next generation (if there is one, I hope so D:)? I enjoyed those. They were fun.
4. Will they have pokemon games for like, the PSP or IOS? It'd be pretty cool to play pokemon on your phone and then sync it to your ds/gameplayingmachinedevice.
5. Will they ever introduce being able to give other players money in exchange for things (eg: Pokemon, items), a bit like a shop, with better selling prices that you could tweak maybe?
That's pretty much it for now, bye! :)
(P.s: I'm incredibly sorry if I offended anyone with number 2.)

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  1. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
    1. I doubt FR/LG remakes are going to happen anytime soon. Kanto just appeared in the Johto remakes.
    2. I doubt very much a devil Pokemon will happen, it'll probably be a normal Pokemon.
    3. I dont know, maybe something different.
    4. I think it'll probably stay with Nintendo only.
    5. That would be cool.I like that idea.
  2. Oswin's Avatar
    I think Giratina is as close to Satan as we'll get.
  3. Schrodinger'sGlameow's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by PkmnGreen
    I think Giratina is as close to Satan as we'll get.
    Mm, good point.
  4. Alex800's Avatar
    1. There are hints for RSE remakes, like the desert and the HM dive. Remakes of remakes would be... Yeah...
    2. It will be awesome, hopefully. Or they'll just troll us by making a pokemon similar to Jigglypuff for that.
    3. I really hope so!
    4. I don't think they'll do it
    5. Interesting...
  5. League's Avatar
    ~FRLG getting remakes would be crazy--would they, with that precedent, make HGSS remakes next gen?
    ~666 should be like Archeops, and have a BST of 666.
    ~I and others hope not. But for you, okay.
    ~No. But for you... still no.
    ~That'd actually be neat.
  6. SharKing's Avatar
    #1: I can only wonder. RSEmakes are more likely (with signs such as the Dive HM), but it's still possible.
    #2: It won't be a devil Poke. After the controversy of the past (blackface Jynx, for example), Game Freak and Nintendo just wouldn't dare.
    #3: They'd probably do it this generation in the likely RSEmakes.
    #4: PSP? No. Pokemon belongs to Nintendo, not Sony.
    #5: Who knows? I sure as hell don't.


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