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Can Someone Help Me With...?

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Okay, so my friends are big fans of Disney [s]which is why they love that god-awful KH game[/s], and they fangirled over the theater re-release of The Lion King, which is one of my favorite Disney movies. And today, they invited me to go watch it with them later on tonight. I don't have a money, nor a ride, but they offered to drive me there and pay for my ticket. And here's the problem.

I don't want to take their money or service. It's not about pride, or anything. I'm pathetic, I have nothing to be proud of. I've had only one thing to be proud of ever, but- I digress. The reason why I don't want to do that is because I feel they shouldn't. Instead of wasting their money on me, they should spend it on themselves, some popcorn, a soda, something that'll benefit them. There's no need to do anything for me. It's their money, they should use it for themselves.

So... Should I, or...?

EDIT: I went with them, but I still feel a bit bad for accepting their money, even though we had tons of fun. =w= I think we pissed off everyone else who went, because we kept on singing along to the songs and making jokes about the monkey being a Schitz. XD

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Updated 20th September 2011 at 09:56 PM by Dr. GM



  1. Baron Brixius's Avatar
    You should. You can always repay them later - that's what friendship is about - give and take.
  2. The Booty Warrior's Avatar
    I'd say you should. I share your beliefs to a degree, but I always feel like a hypocrite when I expend all my energy to providing my friends with food and drinks, homecooked or bought, whenever they visit.

    If they make an offer, I'd say you should take it. After all, I was under the impression that friends will go to great lengths to ensure that they can all have a great time together.
  3. Zenax's Avatar
    You definitely should. If they offered it to you, it's because they want you to go with them.
  4. Luminosity's Avatar
    They enjoy your company. So in a way, by offering to give you a ride and pay for the ticket, they are spending their money on something that benefits them.
  5. Dr. GM's Avatar
    Well, I went, but I still feel bad.