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Raising a Magby
Gonna keep it a Magby
Aiming straight to level 100
Gunna Rare Candy it up after it's EVs are filled
I use it to hatch eggs - Just walkin' 'round with 5 eggs and a level 100 Magby

He'll be like their guardian, their protector! ^_^

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Updated 24th July 2009 at 03:22 PM by Mostly Harmless

Raising , Doin'


  1. System Error's Avatar
    A Magby? WHY???? At least raise something that actually has an advantage over its evos, man! Like Poliwhirl! Or Slugma! Or even fucking Metapod! I mean, shit!

    (P.S. A Magmortar protector is more badass)
  2. woops's Avatar
    Okay, Mostly Harmless. You are now the most epic person in the universe.


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