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Hurricane Irene

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Okay, so I was down the shore in Ocean City Maryland on vacation we were supposed to stay all week but, noooo Irene had to come along and ruin everything and we all had to be evacuated off the island. Then to make matters worse we got stuck in traffic for SIX HOURS because everyone was headed up to PA, NY, NJ, Ontario, Quebec, etc, all at the same exact time. It was a nightmare. My idiotic brother also sang the entire six hour drive. Of course, since it was Friday what better way to spend six hours in a car than by remixing Rebecca Black to fit your situation...

It's Friday, Friday, gotta be stuck in traffic for 6 hours on Friday~evacuating, evacuating-YEAH!-bored, bored, bored, bored looking forward to hurricane Irene~

I had to listen to that for six hours straight. It's like when we drove to Disney World(I live near Philly) He sang Polly Wolly doodle ALL DAY(pun intended) It was sheer torture. I wanted to kill myself. And what is with all the disasters on the East coast? Since when did we get natural disasters? It's always the West coast having to deal with these issues. We just had an earthquake now a hurricane? We NEVER get earthquakes nor hurricanes, what's going on? What's next-tornado? volcanic eruption? Tsunami? I mean, God...It's starting to convince me 2012 is gonna be the end...

And of course the Californians are laughing their asses off at us because we were all shook up(pun intended, I like corny puns that are such a fail they're a win) over a minor earthquake...I laughed at one news headline, a Californian newswoman said "Those kinds of earthquakes are how we stir our coffee in the morning." That made me laugh. But, seriously, California, let's see how you handle a blizzard? :p

Anyway...I don't think anything too horrible is gonna happen...but, this might be bad. I mean they had mandatory evacuation on all beaches on the East coast, and you know how the Jersey shore loves making money, along with everybody else. I mean it must be bad if they made everyone go home, everyone had to leave with the exception of property owners, because well this is America, they can't kick you off your land. But, they can kick you out of a hotel. They were even knocking up at doors telling people if they don't get the hell out their life could be at stake. And they're shutting down transportation systems in New York City?! God, that's scary, it's New York. Anyway, let's hope us East coasters don't die.


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  1. AlexTheRose's Avatar
    Yes, my state is in the hurricane's path, but I'm far enough away to not get much more than heavy rain and ~80 km per hour gusts, so yeah…
  2. PokemonLotty's Avatar
    I don't know what's gonna happen here, I'll have to hope for the best...


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