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Got My 3DS!!

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Yes!!! I finally got it!!! Wooohoooo! This thing is so awesome.

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  1. Buzz's Avatar
    I really want to get one on Sunday!
  2. Magmortar123's Avatar
    You should. I don't even have any 3DS games and it is still awesome.
  3. Ferbgor's Avatar
    The preloaded applications get boring fast, and you missed the ambassador program, so no free games for you. Anyway, I recommend going to crowded places with it in sleep mode.
  4. Oswin's Avatar
    What's the 3D like?
  5. Magmortar123's Avatar
    @PkmnGreen The 3D itself isn't so great. I just have it turned off a majority of the time.

    @Bart Yeah I know :/ I wanted so badly to get it yesterday, but GameStop only had the deal for this weekend.
  6. Ferbgor's Avatar
    That's the opposite of what I do. My 3D is on all the time.


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