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Need help completing a B/W team

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I'm building a new team to defeat my friend, who always uses nothing but Legendaries and forces me to do the same. Brute force never works, and I can't seem to make a good strategy for my team, so I decided to post it here for you guys to help me make improvements. :)

My friend always uses these same Pokemon against me:

Just as a note before I post this team, let it be known that I suck at EV training, and therefore only use the vitamins. Also, I need item suggestions. And finally, I'm stuck with the crappy natures. Now, on with the crappy team...

EVs:100 Atk/100 Sp.D/50 Sp.A

*Zen Headbutt
*Bolt Strike

Zekrom is a relatively versatile Pokemon, and a semi-good lead. Outrage is a filler since I couldn't find anything better to put, Fly is used as an alternative to switching, Zen Headbutt is a decent physical, and Bolt Strike kills anything that needs to be dead.

EVs:100 Sp.D/100 Spd/50 Sp.A

*Roar of Time
*Spacial Rend
*Dark Void

This is the exact Darkrai that my friend uses, minus the nature. Dark Void and Nightmare ensure lots of damage with no retaliation, and the Roar is used with Spacial Rend to deal even more pain while the enemy is asleep.

EVs:100 Atk/100 Spd/50 Sp.D

*Stone Edge

Landorus is kind of a filler, but he's a good Pokemon. Sandstorm is used for him and Dialga to keep chipping at enemies, Earthquake is a powerful STAB attack, and Stone Edge is mainly there for damage. Fissure is a filler, but it's been a good desperation move.

EVs:100 Sp.A/100 Atk/50 Spd
Item:Griseous Orb

*Shadow Force
*Dragon Claw

I got a cool shiny Giratina that I really want to use against him, but I cannot figure out a good moveset for it.

EVs:100 Sp.A/100 Sp.D/50 Spd

*Aura Sphere
*Weather Ball

My Crown Raikou does surprisingly well as a sweeper, and it outspeeds almost everything my friend has. I tried to give it a diverse movepool, but it's definitely not the best...

EVs:100 Sp.A/100 Sp.D/50 Atk

*Flash Cannon
*Dragon Claw
*Roar of Time

Dialga is my tank, plain and simple. He just soaks up pain while delivering vicious damage. Flash Cannon and Roar of Time are good STABs, and Dragon Claw is an alternate STAB attack for when Roar of Time's recovery turn would mean suicide. Still can't figure out a good fourth move...

Well, that's my team. Please give me feedback on what I can do to improve this team and finally beat my friend for once. :)

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  1. Abba's Avatar
  2. Togechu's Avatar
    OK. I do like Volcarona...maybe he could replace Raikou.
  3. Dan's Avatar
  4. Togechu's Avatar
    Oh, ok....sorry. I didn't know whether this would belong either in Rate my Team or Complete my Team.
  5. Abba's Avatar
    Volcarona is amazing. You should use it.
  6. ChachachaCHIA!'s Avatar
    Get a Heracross 4 dialga and darkrai I guess, and get it night slash by the heart scale thing in case he diecieds to switch to giritiana due to the ghost unfeccted by fighting thing, choice it if you want because if he switched 2 reshiram, make sure you bring in heracross since maybe you can teach him eq? And for giritina get... aura sphere due to most of the fighting weakness on yer friends team, for manaphy if you have tm energy ball you know that you gotta teach giritina that... for reshiram teach someon earthquake pretty much your entire team can learn earthquake, even teach giritina it if you have to since you got the two eletric types...
  7. Togechu's Avatar
    Er, I can only use legendaries, and as far as I know, Heracross is not a legendary :P.

    But those are pretty good suggestions. :)


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