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I really don't know what to do this weekend... I have two options, going to my dad's house to celebrate his birthday with his friends and my step mom. OR going to my friend/ my friend's little sister's birthday party on Sunday. I was away from school yesterday (thanks to my recent stupid stomach ache). So my friend was trying to find me all the time to tell me about her birthday (I found this out today). My Dad, told me just today that he wanted me to come, but he asked me before school before I knew about my friend. So my Dad got to me first but if I was there yesterday it would've been the other way around. My friend only has four people going, my Dad has a family. I DON'T KNOW WHO TO SAY YES TOO! What's worst it one of my other friend's left yesterday when I was gone, and I'll get to see them if I go to my friend's party. I don't know anymore, my Dad (cause let's face it family matters) or my friend (who I feel really bad about now).

Also, there's my other other friend's party this saturday (the one who I made the cake for in my class), at Mandarin! Thankfully it's not on Sunday (you know, the same day the OTHER two birthday's are on) but still... I'm excited yet I don't know what to do... I'm feel bad no matter who I turn down or say yes to... Why does having two brithday's on the same day from two people close to you haft to even be possible?

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  1. Alex800's Avatar
    I'd go to the friend's party. Not saying It'd be the right thing to do though :P


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