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~AwEsOmE sAuCe305~

DJMiju's thoughts on Nostalgia Elitists

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This is the 1st blog I'm doing and also it's a form of a rant. No I'm sorry if I offended a few who read this.

I remember that Christmas of '99 when I receive a furby toy, this weird thing that has its own language, and my brother got a Pikachu toy. Surely I was a bit jealous b/c I like Pokemon. Pokemon was the shit back then. I also remember watching the first series of the anime and I got into watching it after school. Surely my favorite Poke's were Pikachu, Charmander and Squirtle and always use them on a team in Pokemon Stadium, I made a rental team similar to Ash Ketchum's team cuz I look up to him pretty much.

As years went by and I'm still in love w/ the franchise. I have Pokemon cards, games and I guess a few plushie... I enjoy seeing the Pokemon movies and seeing the newer series.But there are some that would trash the newer games and series.
These people would shove their Original Series and any other Generation 1 and 2 is better than Generation 3/4 down our throats. Even when I'm Youtube, watching a Pokemon episode these nostalgia elitist would complain and moan of how better were the original series were, and how Misty was a goddess compared to the other 2's just sad tbh. They can't even appreciate sum change. I know most people around my age stopped watching Pokemon b/c it's not of the changes but b/c they were too old. Well they're missing out the fun tho.**rolls eyes** But at least they don't complain on the Internet of how the Pokemon producers should bring back the old days...T_T

Seriously, nobody wants to hear anyone to bitch over any old season w/ shitty writing and animation. Of course, it's not just the anime series but the games as well. I know, I know, Generation I and Generation II were deemed to be classics. Yes Generation I had be known for the infamous glitch MissingNo and 'M not to mention encountering LV.100+ Pokemon...then we have Generation II w/ a continuation of the story. You get yo Pokemon and face gyms not to mention TR, then after that you face the elite 4 and when u beat them you go to Kanto. I played those games b4 but not in the days when they were released. Oh and it gets better, when Generation III was announced, alot of them elitist would trash the game. 'ZOMFG, I can't even trade my LV.100 Lugia or Ho-oh' no DUH since the graphics of R/S has the good, non-crappy graphics. OK maybe I understand that Generation II was meant to be the last series but oh well Generation III aka Hoenn is my favorite in my opinion so suck it nostalgia elitists.

Then back to the anime, when AG aka Advance Generation begun, surely many ppl were ticked off cuz their red-headed "goddess" got the boot. I know I feel bad for her, but I moved on. I love the AG series since it was fresh and I enjoy watching it, way more than the Original series.

I got nothing else to say but yeah we do have different opinions so I may respect yours if you respect mine's. Again this is the 1st blog I'm writing so plz don't flame, eventho I expect sum constructive criticism. If you were a Nostalgia Elitist and continue to flame then I have no choice but to block you.

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  1. SharKing's Avatar
    Some people prefer to wear the nostalgia goggles because it feels good to them to live in the past and block out the painful present. I have wonderful memories of the classic games, I admit, but I'm also very open to the newer games. I've only been impressed with how much the frachise has been advancing.
  2. ~AwEsOmE sAuCe305~'s Avatar
    Wow 1st comment coming from someone! Oh, now I kinda understand their reasons to be so nostalgic. Yeah it's amazing that the whole Pokemon franchise has "evolved" since then. past or present I still love Pokemon no matter how much changes it has gone through. Pokemon is still Pokemon.
  3. The Fighting Misty's Avatar
    You don't have anything to worry about. May was always more popular than Misty when AG was airing.
  4. MechaFortress's Avatar
    your so right
  5. The Power of Pika's Avatar
    yeah I agree. I think the show is more fun when you are open to new things.

    However there will be always people who aren't so open. Prefer only what they enjoyed in their childhood. I respect their opinion and go on my way. They are entitled to their opinion aswell and are allowed to like and dislike what they feel. I understand this feeling these people have but I have chosen over time to move away from this attitude entirely. I even changed my username recently to really push for a fresh start for myself to have a new outlook on the franchise.

    Practically being more open, being excited for something new and enjoying what you see and looking for what you like are keys to really get the most out of the franchise and continue to enjoy for years to come no matter what the changes are. By following this I enjoy both new and old.

    It is good to have nalstagia but letting it take over can really limit yourself to the possibilities of enjoying new things.
    Updated 31st December 2010 at 08:23 AM by The Power of Pika
  6. Startmirca's Avatar


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