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Screaming Sword of the Damned

Greatest Thief in the Universe

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This is a convo I had with my buddy Harlan in which I was telling him about my save on Elder Scrolls: Morrowind for the PS3. Hilarity ensued.

[10:35:41 AM] RagingLandSquid: GOD I love nothing more than going around raiding the Mage's Guilds
[10:35:44 AM] RagingLandSquid: I'm a member
[10:35:48 AM] RagingLandSquid: so I can take anything
[10:35:50 AM] RagingLandSquid: So I DO
[10:36:01 AM] Harlan Phoenix: Hahahaha
[10:36:14 AM] Harlan Phoenix: "Yeah, man, go ahead and take anythi-why is everything gone?"
[10:36:32 AM] RagingLandSquid: "And where's the Associate?"
[10:36:44 AM] RagingLandSquid: *Your character passes a window with 15 bags of swag*
[10:37:29 AM] RagingLandSquid: "Where... Where's my kidney?"
[10:37:34 AM] Harlan Phoenix: Hahahaha
[10:39:10 AM] RagingLandSquid: "MY BABY'S MISSING!"
[10:39:33 AM] RagingLandSquid: "Anyone seen my Prosthetic leg?"
[10:39:49 AM] RagingLandSquid: "Weren't we standing in a building a minute ago?"
[10:39:57 AM] Harlan Phoenix: That last one made me lol.
[10:40:02 AM] RagingLandSquid: : D
[10:40:23 AM] RagingLandSquid: "Why am I naked?"
[10:40:52 AM] RagingLandSquid: *Ghost flying around* "Anyone seen my body?"
[10:40:59 AM] Harlan Phoenix: hahahahaha
[10:41:11 AM] Harlan Phoenix: "So we weren't in space a second ago."
[10:44:30 AM] RagingLandSquid: HAHAHAHA
[10:44:31 AM] RagingLandSquid: Yes
[10:44:42 AM] RagingLandSquid: I was gonna make that one but got distracted by stealing shit
[10:45:12 AM] Harlan Phoenix: Hahahaha
[10:45:36 AM] Harlan Phoenix: "We need these resources to economically surv-holy god he's fast."
[10:46:18 AM] RagingLandSquid: HAHAHA
[10:47:28 AM] RagingLandSquid: "We have built this ship to leave our dieing planet so that our races may live on in spa- Where'd it go?"
[10:48:26 AM] Harlan Phoenix: "Mufasa did not die in vain, and this is no more apparent than his strong son's newborn dau-Swear to god I was JUST holding her."
[10:49:06 AM] RagingLandSquid: "Ariel, you just can't trust humans! They're not- Ariel?"
[10:49:37 AM] Harlan Phoenix: "At least I have you Ab-....Abu?"
[10:52:08 AM] RagingLandSquid: *Cuts to Andy looking for all his toys*
"I swear to god..."
[10:53:10 AM] Harlan Phoenix: "Alright, Owen. Now that we've risen the castle above the clouds, the gargoyle statues resting on the roof will come to the shit...?"
[10:55:04 AM] RagingLandSquid: "Well, the Gargoyles are gone... But I least I have this sweet ass cas- OH COME THE FUCK ON REALLY!?"
[10:55:30 AM] Harlan Phoenix: "Don't worry Ash, the three are gone but I have one extra Pokemon in stora-well son of a bitch."
[10:56:15 AM] RagingLandSquid: "Who will be the one to take the One Ring into Mor- Uh, where's the ring?"
[10:56:24 AM] RagingLandSquid: *Gandalf* "SHIT."
[10:57:07 AM] Harlan Phoenix: "You're a wizard, Harry. That scar's proof of how great you truly ar-...where did it go?"
[10:58:26 AM] RagingLandSquid: "Welcome to Hogwa- Where's the School?"
"Where's the train?"
[10:59:20 AM] Harlan Phoenix: "Boners?! Boners?!"
[10:59:34 AM] RagingLandSquid: HAHAHAHA
[11:00:15 AM] RagingLandSquid: "With this Delorean we can tra- Where'd it go?"
*Flaming Tire Marks*
[11:00:57 AM] Harlan Phoenix: "Just a couple Daleks, no worries! We'll be back to the TARDIS in no...ti...well."
[11:01:50 AM] RagingLandSquid: "On this day we celebrate the birth of this th- Where is the Christ Child?"
[11:02:10 AM] Harlan Phoenix: hahahaha
[11:03:14 AM] RagingLandSquid: "We've decided that Pluto is no longer a Planet. Mainly cause we don't know where the FUCK it went."
[11:04:33 AM] Harlan Phoenix: Lol

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  1. tyler212's Avatar
    Did Lupin invade?
  2. SharKing's Avatar
    LOL. I know where you're comin' from; I just love stealin' things in Morrowind, especially the Grand Soul Gem in Balmora. I also sell them off to that wierd Scamp in Caldera; he has 5000 Gold each day, and he doesn't even try to haggle!
  3. Eldritch_One's Avatar
    I love rampaging in Oblivion. Duping items makes it so easy to get quick Cash. I had Benirus Manor at level 1!


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