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Screaming Sword of the Damned

Rageface, ACTIVATE.

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So, I'm about one step away from just taking a baseball bat to everything in the Radio Station in which I work.

Someone (Whom is a big problem here anyways) dated a newscast wrong (So it ran until August... OF 2100) so I had to get rid of it and replace it. The newsroom no longer has any printers registered to it for some unknown reason, so I had to Email the news to myself on a computer that takes ten minutes to do anything, and other random dumb shit keeps happening.

I'm basically in a "Cross me and be cut down" sort of mood today.

Feels good to bitch about it.

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  1. Karamazov's Avatar
    Foolsgoodman.jpg Hope everything works out
  2. Eldritch_One's Avatar
    Well, I've just made a new friend on Facebook and spent the last hour talking to them about Doctor Who and Venture Brothers, so things are looking up.

    And *Gasp*, IT'S A WOMAN! xD


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