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First Shiny Encounter!

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So there I was testin' out the Poke Radar in Pearl for the very first time, such good memories

After runnin' into 5 battles, a Shiny popped up! =D

I had 25x

Knocked the Machoke's HP down to the yellow zone, and started nailin' balls at it >:D It kept doin' Submission, I kept throwin' those Ultra Balls. And still, it broke free after 10 balls. Finally, it used Submission until it's HP were in the red zone I knew that I only had one shot, so I tossed my last Ultra Ball..... It broke free! Used Submission one more time then...... fainted I was so furious!

There's a lesson to be learned..... Always have a Pokemon that can put a random Shiny encounter to Sleep or 'cause Paralysis. And so, I failed to catch my first Shiny encounter in my first Pokemon game =/

Better luck next time!

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  1. BruteBrawler's Avatar
    I say what happened was a great experience. But it stinks to have something so good in your clutches but just slips away.
  2. Blackjack Gabbiani's Avatar
    Quick Balls. Seriously. Stock up on Quick Balls and your shiny woes will soon be forgotten.
  3. siburke939's Avatar
    oh man

    always have a pokemon with false swipe & spore handy (breloom / parasect / smeargle) also - as i have learnt the hard way - always have a pokemon with the "damp" ability


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