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The Files of ! Thunder Lord Z

Shameless publicity stunts=Win

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As you may clearly see, I am Thunder Lord Z no longer. I am ! Thunder Lord Z. Now you may be asking why, exactly, I did this. Well, there's this thing called "the member list" where you can find everyone and anyone who has an account on BMGf, in alphabetical order. And the blank space comes before every character. The ! exclamation point comes afterwards, then then this #, then this $, and so on and so forth. And as an act of shameless self- promotion, I made yours truly the very first one on the list. See for yourself if you'd like. (How's that for narcissism?)

Normally, I wouldn't care, but see, the first (now second) slot is held by this guy named ! trarers !. And he hasn't posted, not once, not even checked in since he/she/it made the account. I found that to be very unfair. So I made it fair.

(And if you try to copy my stunt, let's just say it won't be pretty.)

(Oh, and BTW, the person who holds the last slot is Foxy Boxes, a fairly active user. Try for that if you'd like.)

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Updated 22nd April 2011 at 10:43 AM by TLZ the Confirmer



  1. Akaiyou's Avatar
    That's great, son! Now, about this thing called "social life" we were talking about...

  2. Karamazov's Avatar someone would just change their name to " !! 1" or something to get ahead of you.
  3. farewell, friend's Avatar
    I'm so awesome I don't need shameless publicity stunts to be known.
  4. TLZ the Confirmer's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by farewell, friend
    I'm so awesome I don't need shameless publicity stunts to be known.
    Sure you don't.

    ![space] comes before !! anyway, so...


    Seriously, if you come ahead of me, I will find you.

    EDIT: Yeah, I'm shunned forever. Go me.
    Updated 22nd April 2011 at 11:31 AM by TLZ the Confirmer
  5. Luna Tiger's Avatar
    So the best name to be is "! a", if you can't simply be "!".
  6. ChinYao's Avatar
    Baw D8, you stole !Tommy's spot!!


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