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Technology Porn

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I just realized that I am a huge sucker for Technology Porn.

I mean who doesn't like listening or reading juicy details of how fictional machines work?

And yes, I am guilty of writing "techno porn".

To give two examples from Life of the Legendaries:

Quote Originally Posted by Description of the Hikokyu II's power source
In front of Charon was the ship's main power source: a five gigawatt palladium-hydrogen reactor. The reactor in question was a roughly oblong steel capsule standing roughly fifty feet tall with a circumference of about ten feet. Cables and pipes of all sizes protruded from the reactor. A good portion of the circumference was radiation shielding. A protective cage surrounded the entire assembly. A transformer half the size of the reactor took up the entire rear wall. Unlike the larger reactors that powered cities, there were no moving parts; instead, the heat and neutrons emitted from the fusion reaction were converted directly to electricity by an array of high-purity synthetic thunderstones. While this system had a conversion efficiency of upwards of seventy five percent, it was tremendously expensive, accounting for over half the ship's cost. Not to mention the system was very maintenance intensive as the relentless neutron bombardment eventually destroyed the thunderstones by rendering them so brittle that the movement of the airship or their own weight would break them. As a result the array had to be totally replaced every three months. Thankfully, the miracle of poké ball technology had allowed spare arrays to be carried onboard the ship and there was a built in gantry to assist in the process but the undertaking was still an arduous process, requiring the reactor to be shut down.

Quote Originally Posted by Description of the Battle Pyramid's power source
He closed the hatch that allowed him to physically examine the condenser. The power source for the Battle Pyramid was not a palladium-hydrogen fusion reactor but instead a hybrid powerplant that combined three gas turbines made by Ketchum Heavy Industries with steam turbine that used the waste heat from the gas turbines’ exhaust to generate steam. In total, the system generated 114 megawatts (ninety from the three gas turbines and twenty four from the steam turbine). Furthermore, an additional gas turbine generated twenty two megawatts. All this combined, to yield a total of 136 megawatts. Of course, gas turbines did not power the Battle Pyramid’s flight; antigravity engines did. And consequently, each turbine was hooked up to an electrical generator. All combined, this produced about 81.6 megawatts of electrical energy – enough to run all the engines and other electrical systems even if one turbine failed.
By the way, I actually calculated all the numbers (assuming 60% efficiency for the gas turbines), I didn't pull them out of my ass.

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  1. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
    Those are the parts I usually skim through. xD More of a fan of descriptions of the mood or feeling of a scene.
  2. Blackjack Gabbiani's Avatar
    Maybe you could help me with my fic Obsession, then, since I have to build the FIRST Hikoukyuu in it.

    ......I haven't been reading your fic but if it involves both Jirarudan and Team Galactic I may have to (assuming that's the same Charon, anyway).


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