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They Day I Got White

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So I was surfin' the internet, my big bro came home, tellin' me that the store didn't have Pokemon White and that they sold the copy I reserved D: Right after he told me that he pulled out the game 0.0 He had me there for a sec.

He fooled my lil' bro too (he got Black of course) lol

So we both ripped off the plastic that was wrapped 'round the game cover, took the cartridge, turned on and selected the game at the same time

I was so excited! I loved the intro, it gave me goosebumps. What I like 'bout the intro is that it's serious, the music is awesome too. I think that this is the first serious intro of all Pokemon games I played IMO
The 3-D Zekrom is epic, especially when I clicked 'A' and it roared

And so after watchin' and enjoyin' the intro, I began my journey in the Unova region

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Updated 17th April 2011 at 07:51 AM by GameCodeTrainer

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  1. Buzz's Avatar
    I got White today too! =D
  2. GameCodeTrainer's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Buzz
    I got White today too! =D
    Sweet! But TBH I didn't get White the same day I posted this entry xD I got white on Sunday last week (April 10th) ^^;


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