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Ask me anything!~ *Answers*

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So, now I'm going to answer the questions you sent to me. Thank u all! ^__^

1.Do you have stashed jodium pill yet?
Tehehee, this question made me laugh hard! XD Nope, and I'm not gonna get one. Although Finns were pretty crazy about them when they heard what happened in Japan. So stupid! We live almost in the other side of the Earth :,D

2.Do you own black/white yet?
Yes yes, got it about month ago, and I love it! It's simply amazing. Music is so catchy, Pokémon are nice [now when you are used to them] and story is fantastic! I'm not finished it yet, I wanna take it slowly and enjoy every single aspect~

3.which starter in B/W?
Oshawott. I love otters, it was my favorite right from the start. And one of my friends calls me otter too XD It's so cute~ Mine's a boy, name is Asari. He's Dewott at the moment.
Oh, however, my team has a female Servine too, called Shuu.

4.And what is you favorite desert?

Aaws, I like so many ~^__^~ Ice cream, cheese cake, chocolate...I love anything sweet : P

5.Do you have another favorite Pokémon besides Jirachi?

Oh, of course! I try to decide one from each generation:
I: Eevee
II: Typhlosion
III: Jirachi
IV: Shaymin
V: Victini

Of course there are many many more Pokémon from each generation I love, but these 5 are just one of my favorite ones~

6.What is your opinion on 'shipping?

I'm shipper myself [Rocket, Contest, Penguin, for saying some] so I don't see any harm in it. Shippings are cute ^__^~

7.Do you have any idea how to import pictures from a digital camera to a computer?
Yes I do!~

8.Have you ever changed your username?
Nope, at least in here. I have been *Jirachi* since early 2005. But in places like Youtube and Deviantart, I go with the name Eewyi instead.

9.Do you like apples?
Yes, I love apples! And I have cute little apple mascots in my phone, they are named Midori and Ringo. And they are couple~ >3<

10.Have you heard of me, or encountered me at any time before this comment?
Humm, yes, I think I have seen you somewhere around here....~

11.Do you like tildes as much as I do?
As you can see, yes~ I use them way too much, but I think they fit my personality~

Now you know a bit about me. See you all again! ~___^

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  1. mariowie's Avatar
    lol i thought you would never answer lol.
    But good that you chose for oshawott i chose him also.
  2. *Jirachi*'s Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by mariowie
    lol i thought you would never answer lol.
    But good that you chose for oshawott i chose him also.
    I'm pretty busy right now, that's why

    Yeah, Oshawott is awesome! <3


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