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Ask me anything!~

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I'm gonna start my Bulbagarden blog with this "Ask me anything" thingy~
Hope I will get many interesting questions : D

See y'all!


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  1. mariowie's Avatar
    Do you have stashed jodium pill yet?
    Do you own black/white yet?
    which starter in B/W?
    And what is you favorite desert?
  2. Meron's Avatar
    Do you have another favorite Pokémon besides Jirachi?
  3. manathief's Avatar
    ~What is your opinion on 'shipping?
    ~Do you have any idea how to import pictures from a digital camera to a computer?
    ~Have you ever changed your username?
    ~Do you like apples?
    ~Have you heard of me, or encountered me at any time before this comment?
    ~Do you like tildes as much as I do?


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